Thank You Founders – Article V

17 Feb

Arizona is a step closer to joining in a Convention Of States because an Arizona legislative committee passed the idea last week, with Rep. Kelly Townsend on point. Such a Convention could produce critically needed amendments to the U.S. Constitution.

This time it is different. We don’t need no stinkin’ U.S. Congress to get it done. Find and read (or listen to the audio book) Mark Levin’s “The Liberty Amendments”. The Founders provided a last resort for the states to preserve the union when a runaway federal government arose, as they anticipated.

The Founders saw only a revolution if this failed, which would include Qtown. Arizona Senator Kelli Ward represents Qtown in the Capitol in Phoenix. Let her know you support her strong efforts to make this work.

Term limits – including  Supreme Court Justices.

States authority to override Congress.

All federal departments stand for reauthorization every few years.

Protect the Vote with photo ID

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Jones Claim Against Judge Putz-Artrip And Town Of Parker

03 Feb

A letter of claim has been delivered to the Town of Parker and others as described below. This claim is directly related to another described on this blog today. READ FULL LETTER OF CLAIM

This claim … arises out of the negligent actions of [Parker Magistrate Judge] James Putz-Artrip, acting outside of judicial immunity… Judge James Putz-Artrip signed administrative search warrant SW-2013-002 as “Judge Quartzsite Municipal Court”, which had the effect that Jennifer Jones and her husband John Jones were subject [to] a false light invasion of their privacy in a heated confrontation with four armed Quartzsite Police Officers and the Community Development Director.

No arrest or citations… a false and defamatory press release was subsequently issued… by The Town of Quartzsite… had the effect of forcing the Jones’ to relocate…Mr. Jones was then harassed by BLM law enforcement officers Conde and Thompson…. the application was for a non-criminal search warrant …extra due diligence would have been appropriate… no physical evidence such as photographs, video, or even copies of referenced codes or ordinances over the alleged ‘violations’ were submitted in support of … warrant… “

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Jennifer Jones Brings Another Claim Against Quartzsite Leaders

03 Feb

A letter of claim, which often precedes a lawsuit, has been delivered to those mentioned below. READ THE FULL CLAIM LETTER.

Excerpts:  “This claim arises out of … actions of Laura Bruno, David Ward and Steve Henrichs in obtaining a search warrant under false pretense…. failure of members of the Quartzsite Town Council to supervise… Jones w[as] subject[ed] to a false invasion of …privacy in a heated confrontation with four armed Quartzsite Police Officers.

No arrest or citations … Ward, … Henrichs … Bruno are currently under investigation… for perjury and conspiracy related to their statements in the sworn affidavits”

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“Going Quartzsite”

24 Jan

A new phrase has been coined by the largest news organization in Arizona. The Arizona Republic reports on website  “Cave Creek, Don’t Become The New Quartzsite“. The governing Council of Cave Creek, Arizona is experiencing strong resistance to their leadership. A recall is being organized there against 6 newly elected members.

Quoting the article: The syndrome has a name. Cave Creek, it appears, is going “Quartzsite.” In 2011, the tiny western Arizona town of Quartzsite was convulsed in political in-fighting so chaotic that observers were calling on the governor to send in the state police to restore order.



Quartzsite Represented At Mt. Vernon Assembly

14 Jan

The people of the town of Quartzsite have, through their Arizona State Senator Kelli Ward (District 5), participated in the “Mt. Vernon Assembly”. Its first exploratory meeting was held December 7. It was attended by Senator Ward and Arizona State Representative Kelly Townsend (District 16) at Mt. Vernon.

Article 5 of the U.S. Constitution was the topic of discussion by the “Assembly”. Thirty four States sent representatives. “It is still a surprise to most Americans to learn that our own state legislatures can amend the Constitution without the permission or approval of Congress, the President, or the Supreme Court”*.

Excerpt from Article 5: “ … The Congress …  or … legislatures of two thirds of the several states, shall call a convention for proposing amendments …”

Senator Ward was interviewed on *NATIONAL RADIO yesterday, on the

Author of best selling books Mark Levin wrote and released in August: “The Liberty Amendments”. It proposes that individual states use Article 5 of the U.S. Constitution to make constitutional amendments by holding a Convention of States.

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Jennifer Jones vs Quartzsite Prosecutor David Ward

10 Jan

View Jones Motion to remove Prosecutor Ward

The case is Arizona vs. Jennifer Jones. The Town of Quartzsite is pressing yet another in a string of many unsuccessful criminal cases against Jennifer Jones, local rule of law activist.  In this interesting skirmish in the Town’s own Municipal Court, Jones has called into question the actions of Prosecutor David Ward.


” … Vindictive and retaliatory conduct by the Town of Quartzsite … As a defendant in CV-2013-2170-NVW, David Ward faces the very real possibility of sustaining a judgment against him personally, including monetary damages, and thus has a conflict of interest as he stands to benefit financially from abusing the judicial process to discredit Jones with a potential criminal conviction, which, if he were to succeed, could be used to influence the jury in his favor at trial. … David Ward filed the criminal charge(s) in the above captioned case without providing Defendant Jones the due process afforded others similarly situated in the community … to allow a defendant the opportunity to remedy the disputed issues … he allowed 113 days to toll before bringing the charge(s) in the above captioned case, and, without due process and … charged Defendant Jones with every subsequent day as a separate offense  “

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Gilford v Quartzsite – The Latest

10 Dec

November 1, 2013 the Town and all defendants filed a “Motion for Judgment on the Pleadings

Such a Motion is an opportunity for the defendants to throw stuff at the legal wall to see what sticks, and attempt to get something or someone dropped from the case.


December 9, 2013 Plaintiff Gilford made a Response to Motion 

Plaintiff’s Response is for the purpose of substantiating all the claims made in the initial (Amended) Complaint against the Town and 30 other individuals.


Judge Bolton has set March 10, 2015 for trial by jury at 9am. Until then, witnesses will be deposed and disclosure examined.

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Revelation From Town Manager At Quartzsite Council Meeting

10 Dec

Laura Bruno, Town Manager, passed out a letter to each Council Member just before today’s meeting. It was written and signed by her exactly one year ago today. It reveals much, especially in that she states the reasons that Quartzsite Police were making very bold if not legal arrests.

“…arrests that led to these particular claims occurred at the direct request of Town Management”.

READ THE LETTER  [an apparent error in the first paragraph. It probably was intended to read: Period June 2011 – May 2012]

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Investor Dodges Prison But Will Not Be Visiting Quartzsite Soon

08 Dec

Peter Pocklington filed a last minute appeal, turned in his passport, promised to stay in California, and put up $100,000 cash to guarantee his appearance in court. This according to

Last September, Pocklington was sentenced:

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Quartzsite Must Change Illegal Public Records Policy

06 Dec

If you put any faith in this East Valley Tribune news report, one can now enter Quartzsite Town Hall or Police Department with a camera, then ask to view public records, then photograph them. The Town of Quartzsite has denied this writer and other requestors the right to photograph records – since at least March of 2011. Since that time, the Town’s fees to obtain copies of printed and digital records steeply increased. This effectively made many records available only to more wealthy requestors. Photographing a document with your own camera is of course free. The Town has been charging $1.00 per page for at least two years!

QPD sign No Cameras

Currently, QPD has a sign on their front door warning against entering the building with a camera at all!  “Cameras and/or recording devices strictly prohibited”.

Bear in mind that our public servant record keepers have an established process for gathering the documents you wish to view (and photograph perhaps). A reasonable time frame is permitted, after a requestor submits a form. Also, some particular records are not available to the public.

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Judge Condemns Actions Of Quartzsite Leaders

28 Nov

Read the story in the Arizona Republic at

Alex Taft, former Town Manager

Al Johnson, former assistant manager

“…Gilbert, former Town Manager Alex Taft and former Assistant Manager Albert Johnson are personally liable for damages, along with the municipality. ”

“Aspey’s ruling says Gilbert falsely asserted that he had been cleared by the DPS inquiry.”

“…“Truth for the most part has finally come out,” said William Ponce, one of the plaintiffs and a former sergeant on the police force.”

“Aspey found that the two town administrators carried out Gilbert’s threats as retaliation. And, to the extent that any disruption occurred, Aspey wrote, ‘It appears that the chief’s behavior, including his response to plaintiffs’ protected free speech, caused the breakdown.’ ”

Jeff Gilbert

Jeff Gilbert, former Police Chief
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Jennifer Jones v Town Of Quartzsite New Lawsuit In U.S. Court

30 Oct

Click to view the case, filed October 24: Jennifer Jones v Town of Quartzsite (a .pdf file)

These defendants are named in a Civil Rights action: Town of Quartzsite; Laura Bruno, Wife and Husband; Stephen Henrichs, Husband and wife; David Ward; Mark Orgeron, Husband and Wife; Norma Crooks, Wife and Husband; Mike Jewitt, Husband and Wife;  Carol Kelly; Patricia Anderson, Wife and Husband

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Will Timberlake Explain Tangled Quartzsite Council Appointment?

27 Oct

Facts for the reader’s consideration:

1. From the Town Code: “The qualifications for eligibility of Mayor or Council candidates for election to these positions includes the requirement that no delinquent or fixed fines and penalties, user fees, permit fees, and sales tax be owed to the Town of Quartzsite at the time of declaration of candidacy.”

2. From the court record imaged below:

a. Disposition of case: Failure to pay even after multiple court system notices

b. Court “Suspension” on February 16, 2011 (Civil. This technically did not disallow Ms. Timberlake to drive.)

c. The traffic Citation was issued to Ms. Timberlake May 3, 2010. A 39 month “clear record” MVD report was  provided to Qtown.US (via Rain Goldenbear). That did not display the citation event of 42 months ago.

d. A delinquency already existed before the citation.

3. Monica Timberlake (“MT”), newest council appointment, took issue with Judge Lilly’s smoking Memorandum accusing her of being one “breaking the law they are swearing to uphold”. Her response was to provide an inadequate MVD printout (see last post, below). That report did not cover the important time frame of her citation.

4. MT had apparent unpaid fines with the Quartzsite Municipal Court at the time of declaration of candidacy. MT could and should have had knowledge of these fines. Her agent Rain Goldenbear (publisher of Desert Messenger newspaper) wrote “she had never been contacted”.

Since MT has enlisted the publisher/journalist from Desert Messenger to represent her, Qtown.US invites more facts from MT and/or her agent Rain Goldenbear.

——————————  [ The online public access court record is not assured to be accurate. It is also coded, subject to interpretation. It is subject to clerk error. Ms. Timberlake could clarify her position on Judge Lilly’s recent memorandum complaint, by releasing her own copies of records and receipts. ]

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Quartzsite Council Member Timberlake Responds – Almost

26 Oct

This website just published a factual report about Quartzsite’s new unelected council member – Monica Timberlake. Now Qtown.US offers these related emails that were exchanged today between Rain Goldenbear (Desert Messenger) and Douglas Gilford (Qtown.US).


[11:07am Rain to Doug]

Hi Doug,

Monica asked me to email you yesterday’s print-out of her MVD record.

Magistrate’s accusations came as a total surprise, since she had never been contacted, 

so she first called MVD to clarify, and then drove to Parker MVD for the print out.

It is the redacted version.

[[Qtown.US reader: see image below]]

Her license is NOT suspended and shows a clear record.

Since you posted the judge’s false allegations, it’s only fair to post the tru and accurate information.




[2:08pm Doug to Rain]

OK. Have Monica sign a printout of this email plus the MVD printout.

Email it to me. I will publish those, alone and as-is, to be the next new post to my blog.

Any other new research is welcome. Doug


[2:45pm, Rain to Doug]

I’m not going to bother her today, as it’s her birthday…

will get back with you



[emails were edited for brevity]

Ms. Timberlake has apparently lost her enthusiasm to challenge the judge, so Qtown.US awaits her response, either personally or through [her de facto agent] Rain Goldenbear. News delayed is news denied.

Here is the MVD report Ms. Timberlake obtained and sent. It is a 39 month report. Please note that her citation occurred about 42 months ago. That discrepancy is not yet explained. “Status: Cancelled” on this MVD report also needs explanation.

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Quartzsite Judge Lilly Condemns Council Member Monica Timberlake In Memo

25 Oct

Text of Judge Lilly’s Memo (bold highlighting added):

Town of Quartzsite Municipal Court

Memo – To: Town Council & Town Manager

From: Judge Lilly – Date: 10/23/2013

Re: Monica Timberlake

Dear Town Council,

I am writing this memorandum to inform the Town Council and Town Manager of the recent behavior of the newly appointed member of Town Council, Monica Timberlake. Monica appeared in the Court, while the court was in session for Pre-Trial Conferences, and caused a scene in the lobby of the courthouse. She insisted that my clerk interrupt court so that I could swear her in and that it would only take two minutes. She was using an unusually loud voice and was intimidating in her demands. She stated that 3pm did not work for her schedule and that I need to comply with her requests post haste. I heard the commotion from the courtroom, as did both of my clerks, as well as two attorneys, an officer, and the defendants and public spectators. The noise rose to the level that the officer actually stepped out to observe what was going on.

First of all, this is unacceptable behavior in the Court. There is a sign on the front window that states “Be Civil.” The court does not view this as civil behavior from anyone. Interrupting judicial proceedings is highly unprofessional. When Monica returned to the Court, after court was convened, she appeared at the window requesting that I swear her in.  I explained to her that I would not be able to do so in good faith because she owes the Court money. She has a Fail to Pay Suspension out of our Court for TR2010-00285 for $176.12. Her license is suspended out of our Court and has been since: 02/16/2011. Ethically I will not swear someone in who is breaking the law they are swearing to uphold. Additionally, I informed Ms. Timberlake that if she interrupts judicial proceedings again with the behavior she exhibited earlier, I will be calling the authorities.


Signed A. Lilly

Judge Lilly

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