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Quartzsite Town Council Meeting – Agenda

10 Dec


1. Sewer Master Plan

2. Purchase a Homa submersible pump for waste water treatment plant

3. Purchase Ford pickup truck

4. Purchase tire balancer

5. Assign Winslow, Taft, Nelson as signers for Judicial Collect Enhancement Fund

6. Censure Mayor Foster

This is a regular meeting, scheduled for 7 pm Tuesday at Quartzsite Town Hall.

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Send In Your Check For $684.21

05 Dec

There are 19,000 people in La Paz County. The debt to Yakima approaches $13 million.

The math: $13,000,000 divided by 19,000 = $684.21 each resident.

 If you want to pick up the tab for the 3,500 residents of Qtown, send in $2,394,736.80.

 Parker Pioneer reports : Supreme Court declines to hear Yakima case appeal

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