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That’s Too Bad

28 Feb

The town website has been completely down since February 24 2011.

Prior to that, it had been unmaintained for many weeks.

Only excuses have been offered, mulitiple times, by Alex Taft, town manager.

As a result, open meeting laws are in violation, but that’s too bad.

If you want to be informed of town council meetings online, that’s too bad.

If you wanted to submit a final bid for the Ford automobile or the tire balancer (in the auction), that’s too bad.

If you want to be informed of a sex offender in your neighborhood (Quartzsite Police), that’s too bad.

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12 Feb

Fallout from the recent freeze on La Paz County’s bank funds has hit home. My $43 check (for mileage) issued by the county for having served on jury duty – has bounced. I have a “suitable for framing” copy of the check, from my bank, and a $6 service fee. Anybody else? Douglas Gilford

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Stabbing Suspect Arrested

11 Feb

The suspect wanted for allegedly stabbing a Quartzsite woman on Wednesday evening, has been apprehended at the Flying J Truck Stop in Ehrenberg. He will be treated for a possible stab wound of his own, possibly from the crime scene. The incident took place around Exit 11 of interstate 10, giving jurisdiction to the Sheriff. The actual search began near the Kool Kovers building on Dome Rock Road, and intensified as sightings of the suspect were reported. The suspect is thought to be from Indiana, but is known to a number of people in town.

Quartzsite Police coordinated with La Paz County Sheriff’s Department and multiple area law enforcement agencies, including DPS, Border Patrol and even Riverside County California.

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Spirit of Suppression

09 Feb

Council member Joe Winslow heckled a town resident from his seat last evening BEFORE the regular Town Council meeting. This writer took the microphone at the podium to make a brief statement, ten minutes before the meeting. Most of the council and public were seated and idle, awaiting the gavel to bring the meeting to order. Similar to the last regular meeting, Joe reacted to something he did not want seem to want to hear. His consistent pattern of behavior is to interrupt and deride the speaker. Thanks to Joe for not leaving the chamber this time. He did leave the last meeting in much the same attitude. That denied access to the podium to those wishing to speak next in turn. (see: “Free Speech Openly Discouraged By Quartzsite Council”) Thanks also to Joe for serving his country to protect the right to free speech, even if used to deny others their right to free speech. Douglas Gilford


Spirit Of Transparency In Government

09 Feb

Police chief Gilbert is credited with bringing his contract renewal negotiations out to the public arena for discussion at the Town Council meeting last evening. The normal and legal procedure is for the council and police chief to meet in Executive Session to discuss the extension of his contract. Chief Gilbert insisted that it take place in front of the public. The amount of his current salary of $83 000+, basic terms of the contract, and the chief’s qualifications were openly discussed.

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Joe Winslow Backs Down From Censure Demand

04 Feb

In December, Quartzsite Town Council member Joe Winslow placed an item on the agenda for the regular Council meeting: “Discussion and possible action to censure Mayor Foster”. Because no documentation or explanation was provided by Councilman Winslow, (who is now facing a recall), the matter was not heard by the Council. Winslow made a statement at the meeting to the effect that documentation had been provided to the council, but no other council member confirmed that. The matter has not been placed on any agendas since that time. It is not known what the council member intended.


Town Of Quartzsite Pushing Back

04 Feb

Those leading the Town of Quartzsite appear to be pushing back. Pushing the people of the town back, that is. Witness these documentable facts:

The number of seats available for town council meetings has recently been reduced, in spite of an obvious need for more seats.

A partition has been installed between the public and their representatives.

Ord 10-19 was passed regarding “public rights” without informing the public of its content, even as required by law.

Council voted to reduce the powers of the office of mayor just before the swearing in of a newly elected mayor.

“Not open for public discussion” rule now in effect on most agenda items for council meetings.

Agendas no longer published online, in violation of Arizona Open Meetings law. (Weeks of technical difficulties by a poorly chosen vendor are not an excuse).

A council member has actually called a voter to admonish him for signing a petition to have him recalled .

Requests for public information continue to be blocked. Example: real estate broker denied access to briefly view the town’s large zoning map on wall because it’s “confidential”.


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