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Injunction Granted for “Isaiah 58” Church – Quartzsite

29 Mar

The Church of the Isaiah 58 Project of Arizona has been assessed $53,000 in property taxes due to the questionable actions of Tax Assessor George Nault. Many experts say these taxes are not allowed by the Arizona Constitution. (The annual total church budget is about equal to this tax bill.)

So, the church was forced to bring a lawsuit against La Paz County, Arizona, or lose their property to foreclosure. Today the first hearing was held. A judge granted what amounts to a pause in the case. If the judge next determines that the church has been dealt a hardship, then the case may proceed. Otherwise, Isaiah 58 will still be forced to pay the taxes.    Watch Video  Atty Erik Stanley Explains

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Quartzsite Council vs Real World

25 Mar

The council continues to ignore the real world and real Arizona Statutes.

Twice they have voted to take no action in the face of warnings from the Goldwater Institute and Mayor Foster. 

Read: Quartzsite Town Council eliminates the competition

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Last Night’s Council Meeting, Video Clips:

23 Mar

Town Council Meeting (March 22, 2011) – Video Clips:

First in a series of 7     Second     Third     Fourth     Fifth     Sixth     Seventh

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Newest Lawsuit Against Our La Paz County

21 Mar

Quartzsite, Arizona. The Church of the Isaiah 58 Project of Arizona has been forced to file a lawsuit against La Paz County. Attorney for the church: “The church faces the very real prospect of losing everything because the county refuses to correct its own wrongdoing.”  LINKS TO MORE INFORMATION:

Watch Video 

Lawyers From Alliance Defense Fund Explain The Case

Letter to Leah Castro – Treasurer of La Paz County 

The Power to Tax is the Power to Destroy 

Attorney Erik Stanley Explains

Church Sues to Prevent Foreclosure

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Greet The New Council

09 Mar

Same as the old council. Congratulations to all the recall election winners, sympathy for the challengers. Respect for all.


Real Estate Report – February

09 Mar

February Real Estate Report, taken from public records, believed accurate, not guaranteed.

Rainbow Acres subdivision:

49549 Onyx Ave $65000 Per title co records. Per online Zolonciz to Miller
49678 Rainbow Lane $75000  
49692 Rainbow Ave $114500 Harrison to Robertson
49622 Felspar Ave $ _____ Selling price not yet known. 1248 s.f. 22×52 doublewide

In Town of Quartzsite:

E. Mockingbird Street $57273 Trustee sale was scheduled for parcel per public record
404 Main St East $89000 Behind General Store mls
1100 Paseo Corte $150000 Arroyos corner of Paseo Grande mls
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Town Hiring Prosecutor – Apply Now

08 Mar

March 7 2011 

Quartzsite Mayor and Council;

I respectfully request that this letter be made part of the record of the regular Town Council Meeting scheduled March 8 2011, where the council will take up the issue of hiring a prosecutor. I also request that this letter be considered at such time as Matthew Newman is considered for any contract. Mr. Newman, current Quartzsite prosecutor, ought to be admonished, and disqualified when his contract is due for renewal. 

On October 1 2010 I brought a misdemeanor charge against Quartzsite Town Council member Jerry Lukkasson. Then on October 8, Mr. Newman … READ MORE


Meeting Agenda

07 Mar

Regular Quartzsite Town Council Meeting, 7pm tomorrow night, Tuesday March 8 – synopsis:

  1. Authorize PBS&J to redesign wastewater plant
  2. Resolution 11-03 submit project to Arizona Highway Safety Plan
  3. Pave streets Targa Trail,Q Mountain Rd and Sun Valley Ave. (public discussion)
  4. Request qualifications for Town Prosecutor
  5. Goldwater Institute warning to town (public discussion)

Although the town has done so in the past, and although Arizona Public Meeting Law requires it, the full agenda and supporting documents are no longer being posted on the Quartzsite Town website. On February 8, the town manager estimated that it might be up by the end of that week, technical difficulties, lots of problems. Although the website is partially rebuilt, it is now a month later, and the site is largely not functional.

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Video: Special Town Council Meeting

03 Mar

Yesterday the Quartzsite Town Council met to consider action against Richard Oldham. The discussion was very brief. Mayor Foster urged the council not to go forth. As often happens, Councilman Lukkasson made a response that nobody could hear. See the meeting video

UPDATE: Richard Oldham’s property, the subject of the special meeting, has been seen advertised for sale.


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