Crazier & Crazier – 1 Arrest

28 Jun

The Quartzsite Town Council met at 7 pm this evening.

TONIGHT’S ARREST: Jennifer “Jade” Jones – for who knows what, from the podium, while holding the microphone, presiding officer of the meeting objecting loudly. SEE VIDEO OF ARREST OF JONES 

The Choreography:

It was as though Ms. Jones was expected. It is unclear what Ms. Jones did or said to cause Councilman Winslow to go into high gear. He now suddenly seems to be in charge of the meeting.

Winslow “moves” that “Ms. Jones be removed from … this meeting”. There is an immediate second by another council member, then “all those in favor”, and a fast majority vote by the rest of the council.

[This sort of unorthodox but smooth action may never have been witnessed of any council in history.  The speed of these actions suggests rehearsal by all involved. Winslow seems to have had a Roberts Rules epiphany, because he has never previously demonstrated mastery of those rules.]

Winslow: “She has violated the procedures”

Revision: At that moment, Nora Yackley, building department assistant, is seen to give a nod to a nearby police sergeant.

Winslow:  “We have passed it … I believe we have a majority … you may leave, or you may be escorted out”  . Winslow now signals toward the podium with one hand in a chopping motion. Immediately, a police sergeant seems to understand the mission, and is upon Jones, trying to force the microphone from her hand. A second officer assists.

Winslow: “… do I hear a second? … all those in favor? … what about the rest of the audience and …”

Mayor strongly objects to the police disrupting his meeting. Police retreat from Jones, who continues speaking.

Winslow: “the council will not sit here being insulted all night” … “ the majority of this council has moved that [unintelligible] …

Mayor: “you can’t make a motion during the call to the public”

Voice: “yes you can” [this unknown speaker has apparently done some research]

Town attorney Walsma now gives an unsolicited opinion to the Presiding Officer of the meeting. “ … statute …”

Town manager Taft gives a clear triple nod and possibly a hand signal in the direction of Police Chief Gilbert. Almost simultaneously, assistant Town manager Johnson gives his own thumb signal in the direction of Police Chief Gilbert. Again, the police then immediately advance on Jones and force her into submission and remove her from the building. End of choreography.


NEW RULES: At 6:30 pm, the chief of police was found at the podium speaking to a small number of citizens about new rules. It became clear through the course of the meeting that new rules for meetings have been implemented, but it was not learned where they could be reviewed. At 7 pm the meeting commenced.



SEE PART 3 OF FULL MEETING VIDEO including THE BOO-BOO:  Town prosecutor contract hastily voted in (6 to 1). Then the council realized that they had not looked at the rates for compensation which were submitted. Therefore, they had hired an attorney on a contract without asking what it would cost. Clerk Norris pointed out to the council that the attorney’s submittal of his qualifications had referred to the separate rate schedule. Vice-Mayor Cowell  stated that council are “lay people” and need to have their job explained to them.

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