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June 28 Arrest Of Jennifer Jones – Reposting

07 Jul

Reposting due to high demand:


Share this video please by linking, embedding, or email it to anyone. This links to the original video YouTube posting of this video from the photographer. You can rely that comments made there will remain up. Other pirated YouTube pages have disappeared along with all comments.

Jennifer “Jade” Jones – had her wrist injured (hospitalized) during outrageous and mysterious arrest – disorderly conduct – during peaceful statements at public podium during a town council meeting. Jones had the floor. Police chief Jeff Gilbert (positioned at wall) was directly involved. Many in Quartzsite do not understand why this police chief is not under suspension because Arizona State Dept of Public Safety is already investigating him for criminal accusations by officers in his department. Presiding officer of the meeting (Mayor) could not dissuade police from their mission. Many suspect conspiracy between police chief and council members, other than the mayor.

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Police Chief Gilbert Talks About Students:

07 Jul

May 18 2011 at Town Hall meeting held at QIA building, in answer to a question about what is being done about recent “tagging” where public park equipment is being vandalized by spray painting:

“We’re going to do our best to try to figure out who it is. There’s been a few kids from Blythe like younger kids that are going to school here now we’ll look into that connection …. “

No other specific group of suspects was mentioned. Comments from Blythe students and their parents are welcome.


Police Chief Gilbert Says:

07 Jul

In answer to my question whether he had recently made a comment to Jennifer Jones about having seen a picture of her carrying groceries out of a store? NO COMMENT

In answer to my question whether the police department had any interest in watching her? NO COMMENT

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Watch Video – Special Meeting Held Today

07 Jul


VIDEO: JENNIFER JONES addresses town council for first time since being roughed up by Quartzsite police on June 28.


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