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State Of Emergency!

10 Jul

On again, off again. Reports of today’s council meeting resulting in a declaration, that is. Mayor Foster reports that he is informed that Chief Gilbert has told his officers that Quartzsite has a state of emergency. Council members Lukkasson and Cowell denied any state of emergency, on the telephone this afternoon.

If a meeting was important enough to be held in secret on Sunday, then council would take measures to inform all citizens of the results immediately, right? Blow a siren, right?

If there is a state of emergency, certainly the town officials would have informed us immediately, right? To protect and serve us, right? Raise a red flag, right? Work the emergency plan, right?


SECRET Quartzsite SUNDAY Council Meeting!

10 Jul

WATCH SHORT VIDEO of secret meeting

Outrageous official behavior is an everyday thing in Quartzsite Arizona, even on Sunday. Today, SUNDAY, the Town Council met, then invited Mayor Foster! No advance public notice was given at all. Mayor Foster was simply summoned to town hall by police chief Gilbert. Upon arriving, Foster saw a meeting in progress, so he declined to enter the building. He stated that the meeting clearly appeared to be illegal. Thereupon, Sgt Frausto slammed and locked the front doors to Quartzsite Town Hall!

Attending the meeting were: Police chief Jeff Gilbert, Sgt. Xavier Frausto, (new) Town Attorney Martin Brannan, Town Manager Alex Taft, Town Clerk Karen Norris, and all Council Members: Joe Winslow, Pat Anderson, Jerry Lukkasson, Robert Kelley, Barbara Cowell. Again, the mayor did NOT attend or even enter the building. Ohhhh yes, there was one man in a white baseball cap and dark blue shirt that nobody recognized by peering through the dark glass in the locked front doors.


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