All About Today’s Meeting

12 Jul


Overflow crowd and lots of press coverage. Quartzsite police, present in numbers. Parker police, Sheriff’s department, and drug task force policed THE perimeter. Some attendees denied access to meeting room. The mayor delayed opening the meeting to make a statement, and thereafter left the building. Vice mayor made a statement and initiated the meeting. Angry public reactions like “NAY” on motions. Agenda item 1 approved after discussion opportunity. No call to the public. Meeting adjourned.

Long period of conversation among attendees. Protest signs present. Bold criticism of town officials and police leadership. Video cameras everywhere. Concerned visitors from Greater Phoenix Tea Party, Mesa (AZ) area contingent of Ron Paul supporters, Channels 3 and 15, and a freelance reporter.  Interviews with Cowell and Gilbert in the public area. Secret report given by Alex Taft in the office of town manager. In the words of police chiefJeff Gilbert, she was meeting with “the real reporters”. (Last week the police chief and 3 officers arrived to stop a citizen who brought a video camera, in the same offices area!). In the words of town managerAl Johnson“it’s none of your business” as he closed the glass reception window.

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