Former Councilman Speaks Out

12 Jul

Call to the Public has been suspended at all Quartzsite Council meetings until September. What will they do next???

 I was going to give this speech today but now I will not be able to. The world needs to see this. Please feel free to pass this along to others.  

Good evening, my name is Hal Davidson former Councilman of Quartzsite ArizonaI hope I am allowed to give this speech without being arrested. Everyone on this Council has swore an oath to preserve protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, by voting to declare a state of emergency or Marshal Law, they have, (in my opinion) violated that oath and should step down from office. Of course they will not, because ” by their actions” they have shown that they do not believe in free speech of the rights of individuals. They should be ashamed of what they have done, but they are not. 

Now that the Chief is in charge of everything how should we address him, Chief, Chairman Jeff, Supreme Chancellor Jeff, or just maybe Comrade Jeff? Only time will tell.

 I would like to commend the 10 Police Officer that have put their careers on the line to expose the Chief for what he is. In closing I will say let the word go forth to friend and foe alike that Quartzsite is no longer a place for freedom loving people and that the Constitution no longer has any meaning. I will not rest until this great experiment implemented by the architects of this great nation is reinstated and the freedom of speech for individuals and accountability of elected officials is returned to the great city of Quartzsite.

Thank you.



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