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Megyn Kelly Fox News Show To Talk Quartzsite Today

14 Jul

Today I received a communication from Debbie at Fox News who is a producer at “America Live With Megyn Kelly”.  They have interest in doing a story TODAY on Quartzsite. Please tell your friends. Fox was granted permission to run the video of Jennifer Jones’ arrest.

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Town Of Quartzsite Harasses Citizen After 9-1-1 Call

14 Jul

Removed: VIDEO – Al Johnson accuses citizen of loitering and harrassment  (audio not available until problem worked out)

 Al Johnsonaccuses citizen of loitering after citizen called9-1-1 for additional police. *No police responded*. The female sergeant present declined to assist the citizen, when Johnson obstructed citizen from approaching business window. Johnson had stepped into the man’s path and would not budge. Read the police report in related story below.  

Transcript of Mr. Johnson’s comments:     [AFTER GILFORD MADE  9-1-1  CALL FOR POLICE ASSISTANCE]   “Mr. Gilford…do you have any more [unintelligible] ,,, forget how to talk? … are you gonna resign? Are you gonna quit, Doug? … you seemed to ask me that 41 times yesterday … so, are you just loitering in the lobby? …Mr. Gilford, are you just loitering? … are you just here to harass the people? … any business with the town? … forget how to talk all of a sudden, Doug? … …. A few minutes ago you had plenty to say. What can we help you with now, Doug? …  are you just… nothing to do? Obviously you’re just … are you just gonna loiter, Doug? Is that what you’re here for? … Should you have any further need, Doug, uh, please be sure and ask for me, OK?”

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