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Winslow vs. Roth

19 Jul

Civil case number HR2011-00019, Justice Court in Quartzsite. Joe Winslow, as an individual vs. Michael Roth, an individual. A hearing was held today, possibly for a restraining order. The court is waiting to hear from the Supreme Court to be able to finish processing the case. For that reason, I was not allowed to view the case file. More tomorrow. Clerk at the window is unaware of any recent court case brought by the Town of Quartzsite against any individual or organization in this particular court.


Sgt. Garcia Charged With Nonfeasance

19 Jul

Resident alleges that Quartzsite pollice Sgt. Garcia failed to act when called upon.

Assistant Quartzsite Town Manager, Al Johnson, was alleged to be blocking the resident from approaching the business window at town hall.


Click to enlarge the report, then press “Control” and  “+”  keys, to further enlarge:

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Step Up. Evidence & Complaints

19 Jul

It is reported that there are multiple investigations in progress regarding potential wrongdoing in the government of the Town of Quartzsite. Soon these investigations will be complete. The outside authorities who are working for the citizens of Quartzsite need to hear from you right now if you have a report to make, or evidence to submit. Do not wait to be asked. Step up.


UPDATE: See Video – Police Station now off limits to cameras – New Sidewalk & Camera & Cell Phone Rules

19 Jul




Sgt. Frausto Says (Today):

No trespassing behind town hall.

[Sure there’s an inviting sidewalk, and no warning signs, and you could get 6 months in jail for walking around the building].



Monday July 18: New sign on entry door to police station – No Cameras

Friday July 15: beware entering town hall with camera. No warning sign posted at entry! Sign is posted at center of building.



Alex Taft, Quartzsite Town Manager, says by her actions in town hall (Day before yesterday):

Here’s a line. I just now made it with duct tape on the carpet. Do not use a video camera on the side near the clerk window. That should clear up the ambiguous enforcement policy we have always had, because the sign has always said “No Video or Cameras”. We just didn’t ever say exactly where you can’t use them. Do not use a camera anywhere in back offices, except if I want to conduct a television press conference. After all, it is my rule. Audio recording is OK anywhere.

Police Sgt. Frausto Says by his actions (Today):

Do not use a camera in the clerk window area. I don’t know what that tape on the floor is. Get outta here with that camera. We got a new sign with red letters, but you don’t have time to read it.

Police Chief Gilbert Says by his actions (Second Visit – Same day – Friday):

We got a new sign with red letters, but you don’t have time to read it.  Get outta here with that camera. Do not use a video camera anywhere in QuartzsiteTown Hall, except during public meetings. Period. (Even if police are arresting you or your friends for camera or cell phone camera or sidewalk use, I guess). No audio recording either. And put your camera in your pocket.



By extension of this logic, cell phones must now be kept in your pocket in Town Hall. They have cameras built in. Otherwise, how would anyone know if you are recording or texting or photographing with your phone?

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