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22 Jul

Joe Winslow, Quartzsite Town Council member, addressing a judge at a hearing July 19:

“That’s why we had to declare a state of emergency, and Mr. Roth is involved in that”.

Winslow brought suit as an individual against Mike Roth, an individual. When using the term “we” in his testimony, it appeared that he was referring to recent actions of the town council.


Videos – Updated Friday 10:00 pm

22 Jul

***NEW July 22:  Persistent D.U.I. cover-up scenario, Council candidate,  that has surfaced again, now in Yuma news on Channel 13 KSWT ***

NEW July 21: FOX  NEWS INTERVIEWS SGT. PONCE on “Freedom Watch”  select  “Martial Law In Quartzsite?”

NEW July 21: FOX  NEWS INTERVIEWS MAYOR FOSTER again on “Freedom Watch”  select  “3:10 To Yuma”

NEW July 21: Channel 15 Phoenix Interviews Sgt. Ponce and current Chief Gilbert – Gilbert declines to participate 


July 18: Fox Business News Interviews AZCOPS v.p. John Stair on “Freedom Watch” program

July 12: Mayor describes Sunday secret Council meeting and council members’ words later

July 15: Fox News Business interviews Mayor Foster nationwide

July 15:  Olbermann Names Quartzsite Chief of Police “Worser” Person

July 13:  Quartzsite Interviews

July 12: Channel 15 Quartzsite Story

July 7:  Jennifer Jones Addresses Council With Arm In Sling 

June 28:  Jennifer Jones Arrest – Viral Video

June 14:  Mike Roth Arrested For Others Pushing Him Around

June 14:  John Stair of AZCOPS disrespected by Police Chief Gilbert

June 14:  Police Chief Gilbert commandeers meeting, inflames public, Winslow pile son, Council walks out  suggest minute marker 5:10 

June 14:  Acid interview with wife of Police Chief

April 19:  Jennifer Jones arrested without arm twisting

March 9:  Jennifer Jones speaker, Mike Roth speaks then ejected from meeting

January 11:  Police Chief Gilbert gives political statement and warning to town suggest minute marker4:30.

July 2010:  Police Chief Gilbert sets example by facing public, spinning podium


Do As I Say, Not As I Do

22 Jul

The Quartzsite Town Council has, in the past, censured the mayor for allegedly putting forth statements that announced policy of the the Town of Quartzsite without the prior approval of the Council. Such statements are considered improper. On July 19, Council member Joe Winslow gave testimony under oath in front of a judge. Winslow as an individual vs. Mike Roth for an injunction against Mike Roth :

Judge:   now if the town wants to get its own injunction against him then …

Winslow:   That’s coming


Signs & Demonstrations

22 Jul

People in Quartzsite have begun to talk about making signs and demonstrating, to express outrage at the condition of the town government.  Example:

Generally, signs are useful and legal to express your feelings, as long as they do not draw a citation for violating a town ordinance. A man who formerly occupied the mayor seat illegaly has successfully displayed a sign which he mounted in the back of his personal red pickup truck.


Who To Contact If You Want State Help

22 Jul

 Response from the Governor’s office, after an online request for help:

Mr. ……., thank you for your email to Governor Brewer, I am responding on her behalf.

 The Governor’s Office of Constituent Services is in receipt of your message and your concerns and comments have been recorded and passed onto Governor Brewer. As you may know, the Governor’s Office has no legal authority to investigate matters of local government and particularly allegations of public corruption. If you believe that corruption and abuse of power is taking place within the Quartzsite Town government, we strongly urge you to contact the Arizona Attorney General’s Office.

 Office of the Arizona Attorney General:

 1275 West Washington, Phoenix, AZ 85007-2926

 602-542-5025   or   800-352-8431          Regards, Constituent Services, Office of Governor Brewer

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Jasper Texas – Another Town In Trouble

22 Jul

Quartzsite is not unique. This story demonstrates that a  mob can take over a small town government. Happening now.


Current Chief Of Police Gilbert Declines

22 Jul

SEE VIDEO: Jeff Gilbert, current chief of police in Quartzsite Arizona, declined to give information on video to reporters for Channel 15 of Phoenix.

Sergeant Will Ponce gave a full interview.


Brave Cops Persist In War Of Words

22 Jul

Sergeant Will Ponce just appeared on Fox Business News “Freedom Watch” (host Judge Napolitano) program nationwide. He and attorney provided by AZCOPS organization, fielded questions by guest host Charles Payne. VIDEO:    “Martial Law In Quartzsite?”


Your Congressman Does Not Like Fox – Raul Grijalva

22 Jul

The U.S. Representative to Congress for the district including Quartzsite is Raul Grijalva (click to write him a note). He is said to “not like Fox” and would not speak when contacted by a Fox News reporter. He later issued a written statement. That statement indicated that the Congressman did not feel the situation in Quartzsite is dire. SEE Video from Fox – select “3:10 to Quartzsite”.


Quartzsite Hangs Up On Fox News

22 Jul

Al Johnson, assistant town manager, reportedly hung up immediately after he learned that the person on the telephone was from Fox News. See Fox video: “3:10 To Quartzsite” 


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