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UPDATE – Guns and Ammunition Confiscated – One Hearing – Listen To Winslow vs. Roth Court Hearing

27 Jul

Mike Roth’s guns and ammunition have been taken away from him. This action was a result of one hearing, where Mike Roth was not even present. Justice of the Peace Karen Slaughter  (928) 859-3871 

Joe Winslow 


At Last – Secret Meeting Video

27 Jul

Update:  regarding comment by Winslow and Taft, in the video, regarding people with listening devices … Jennifer Jones and Douglas Gilford stationed themselves at the locked glass doors with video cameras during that Sunday meeting. The glass was tinted, but the video is adequate to show the meeting participants.

 “Council Meeting Behind Locked Doors”    Written request was made July 12 to obtain the town’s video and audio record of the unique Sunday meeting on July 10 2011. It was just received. That meeting was called with no prior notice. The video is 32 minutes long. It may have been recorded by a body camera worn by Sgt. Frausto. The original video from the town was reduced in digital size to conform to internet limitations so you can view it. No content was lost or cut from the original video provided by the town. So, lesser video quality, but the full video content is here. Enjoy. The attorney’s role in this meeting appears to exceed the scope of legal advice. He obviously speaks more than any council member. He and the town manager seem to lead the council in what they say through this meeting.


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