Quartzsite Has No Mayor!

23 Sep

Again, the Town Council Mayor seat is vacant, subject to the final ruling of Judge Burke yesterday in Superior Court in Parker. Jennifer Jones brought an action against Jose Lizzaraga, the newly elected and installed mayor. The decision pivoted on the fact that Lizzaraga was not qualified for the position. He had not obtained a bond as required. Jones was herself a candidate for the mayoral recall election.


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  1. Sundance

    October 16, 2011 at 12:55 am

    I just watched the meeting for Q town why does it seem Mr L runs the meeting. Seem he was acting as mayor. Or Am I wrong

  2. MikeD_Utah

    September 26, 2011 at 7:16 pm

    In researching my plans to video all government meetings in my area I came across this story of Jennifer Jones and had to find out what was happening. The story about the Town Council and Mayor seems so absurd and perfect for a tv show! I’m amazed at how little has been done by the Attorney General. Do the people there understand what has happened? Thank you for having the courage to stand up to these thugs and keep the story covered.

  3. Paul Staudt

    September 23, 2011 at 1:16 pm

    How refreshing, a Trial Judge that believes that even members of Government must obey the “Laws of the Land”! Could we be seeing the future of Quartzsite, Arizona from the Bench of Judge Burke where Elected Public Officials, Town Governments, and Town Employees must follow the law or be removed?

    Just how many additional challenges in our County, Arizona State, and Federal Courts are waiting in the wings for the Town of Quartzsite with Judge Burke’s rulings? I bet that the members of the League of Cities and Towns were up late last night burning the midnight oil in the Liability Insurance Offices!

    IMHO, Jose Lizarraga is nothing more than a “Puppet on a string.” If I had been challenged over my post as Mayor or even Councilman for the Town of Quartzsite I would have been there in the La Paz Superior Court to have my side of the story placed on the record and make my adversary prove every point of their accusations against me!

    Who is behind the Quartzsite Government? What are their motivations behind the slow death of not only the Government but also the Town of Quartzsite itself? Should not the members of the Council, Vice-Mayor Barbara Cowell, and Town Manager Alex Taft be forced to reimburse the taxpayers of Quartzsite for the legal fees incurred in their “Intervention” of Mrs. Jones challenge to insure that Jose Lizarraga obey the law?

    From my observations of Jose Lizarraga over the years and now his NOT showing up in a Court of Law to defend himself only shows the kind of (IMHO) spineless coward he would be as a leader for the citizens and Town of Quartzsite. Just another paid in full rubber stamp for the true head of state in the Kingdom of Quartzsite, Arizona…


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