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Special Prosecutor Coming To Qtown

31 Dec
Brannan podium

Quartzsite taxpayers will suffer the expense of a special prosecutor which Martin Brannan says will be hired. Brannan is contracted and being paid for the job of prosecuting cases in the Magistrate Court. The town has furnished an office for him and provided him new computer equipment. He now will have to spend a  considerable amount of his paid time in explaining the many cases which he initiated, and then abandoned – to the succeeding special prosecutor. That “special” attorney, who must come from another community, will also be well paid for hours of legal work and lots of travel time – from the Town cash register.

Each million dollars lost to legal busy work and judgements averages $270 from each of the 3,700 children, parents, relatives and neighbors in Quartzsite.


Brannan’s Press Release

“Despite reports to the contrary, the so-called Quartzsite
Bagger is not the
Quartzsite Town Attorney or any other
elected or appointed officer of the Town of
Quartzsite. The opinions
expressed on do not represent the views
of any elected or appointed officer of the Town of
Quartzsite. No elected or
appointed officer of the Town of
Quartzsite profits in any way
from the sale of merchandise by Cafe Press related to the “Quartzsite Bagger”

“Notwithstanding this reality, in order for the Town Attorney
and other town officers to concentrate on the business of the town without the
distraction this “controversy” appears to have been designed to create, the
cases involving self-styled activists
Ed Foster, Jennifer Jones,
Michael Roth, Dana Stadler and Doug Gilford are being assigned to a special


Channel 13 Yuma KSWT Covers Qtown Prosecutor

29 Dec


Councilman Jewitt Soothes Public

27 Dec

Councilman Mike Jewitt was kind to answer a few questions at the main post office today, just hours after the council meeting. Heckler did not seem soothed by the councilman’s responses.


Outrageous Council Actions Today

27 Dec

First, no prayer.

Next, no discussion by the public at meetings desired. Mayor Lizzarga motioned to restore public comments at meetings. No second by any council member. Motion dead – no public comments at future meetings.

Third, the council openly defied the instructions of Arizona AttorneyGeneral Horne: “The council will discuss the concerns in this letter with  its counsel  in  open session during a … public meeting.” Instead, they entered Executive Session in another room, and made no comment to the public.

Video (c) courtesy S.W. Desert News, Moore Photo Imaging


It Continues

25 Dec
Roth Arrest June 14

Quartzsite taxpayers are under legal attack. The taxpayers must pay attorney fees and the amounts of any court  judgements. One more claim for misconduct has been served on the town. The improper actions of the current elected officials, and of their appointees, will now directly create financial burdens to taxpayers.

Another (Click to See) Notice of Claim Letter in the amount of $350,000 originating in the law office of Stewart Rhodes, has been served this month on behalf of his client Michael Roth. Potentially, Roth could bring suit against the Town of Quartzsite and certain individual employees. The claim arises from a well publicized incident at Quartzsite Town Council meeting last June 14. Roth was arrested after he was allegedly assaulted twice by others. The incident took place just a few feet from current Quartzsite Police Chief Jeff Gilbert, who participated.


More such claims and potential civil lawsuits against the town and its leaders are expected to follow by others. A Notice of Claim Letter is typically a required legal step. It is a demand against another, for damages. Typically, the claim is ignored or denied. The lawsuit then can follow. Individuals are planning suits or actually in action to bring suits against the Town and its leadership. Circulated video recordings have demonstrated many incidents involving the  Town’s representatives, involved in questionable behavior.

Gilbert Jeff

Town Prosecutor Brannan Attacked By Fellow Lawyer

23 Dec
Brannan podium

Michael Frame, public defender for Ed  Foster, former mayor of Quartzsite, has filed a 17 page motion in Foster’s criminal case before Judge Larry King in Quartzsite Magistrate Court. Frame seeks to have Quartzsite Town Prosecutor Martin Brannan removed from the case. Brannan is accused of a number of ethical violations and conflicted interests.

READ HERE – Full Text of Motion to Remove Brannan as Prosecutor

Current Police Chief Gilbert is mentioned eight times in the motion. Gilbert is said to “have brought many charges against some of the above named defendants which have been turned down for felony prosecution by the County Attorney’s office”.

“Mr. Brannan though Chief of Police Jeff Gilbert, and the Town administration (Alex Taft & Al Johnson) have set the tone and standard for prosecution in  Quartzsite. The defendant asserts that the Office of the prosecutor is being used as a weapon…

Gilbert J


“Carpetbagger” – [kahr-pit-bag-er]

23 Dec

“Carpetbagger” [“bagger”] – Outsider who comes to exploit, loot and plunder. Often leaves before the passing of one year.


Quartzsite Taxpayers Lose Another One

23 Dec

State vs. Roth. Michael Roth was arrested in 2010 in the presence of current Quartzsite Police Chief Jeff Gilbert,  at a public council meeting. Michael Roth was tried and convicted of Disorderly Conduct on 2 counts. A felony charge of Resisting Arrest was dismissed at trial.

But yesterday, an appeal court said that Roth should not have been convicted in the La Paz County Superior Court. Therefore, Roth never did anything wrong to deserve the arrest by Quartzsite Police, and prosecution was faulty.

Many such events end up in civil courts, where individuals find relief from such abuse in the form of money awards from local governments such as the Town of Quartzsite. Taxpayers are ultimately responsible for the acts of their police chief and prosecutor.  READ WHAT THE APPEAL COURT SAID


Gilbert Confident In Brannan

23 Dec

” I have known Mr. Brannan professionally my many years now, and I’m confident he will exceed our expectations.”

… said current Police Chief Jeff Gilbert, April 2011, on the hiring of Martin Brannan as Quartzsite attorney. I had given statements of strongly stated opposition to Brannan’s hiring, based on his record. My statements were delivered to each council member in advance of their considering Brannan. Gilbert’s statement was made while he had substantial knowledge of Brannan’s history as an attorney. Douglas Gilford.




Lest We Forget

23 Dec

Kemp shootout police carAll of us, and especially our town administrators, must remember all  our veterans and their willingness to defend. J.C. Kemp suffered multiple  gunshot wounds in a shootout with a fugitive who hid in Quartzsite. This image  of his patrol car is a stunning reminder of that event.  Any one of the officers employed at that time,  but since discharged by the town manager, could have been in this car on that
morning. (Click on picture to enlarge)


Jones Reports Brannan To FBI

23 Dec

Jennifer Jones, local activist, has accused Martin Brannan of cyber bullying, slander, and threats, and has contacted the FBI. Brannan was interviewed before the  Yuma KSWT-TV station aired the story. Then he later released a letter in defense. Brannan is employed by the Town of Quartzsite, Arizona as both town attorney and prosecutor.

See the KSWT story here

See Brannan’s Atheist website page “” where he maintains a personal membership page which until recently indicated that he could be reached at “@qsitebagger”


QIA Hosts Political Meeting

22 Dec

A “Town Hall” meeting, moderated by a citizen and paneled by a group of arbitrarily selected local public servants, was held Wednesday. The panelists and moderator are known to have parallel political interests. Sponsor of the meeting not determined. Panelists with opposing political viewpoints were not invited.

Videography by S.W. Desert News, Moore Photo Imaging (c)


It Has Begun

21 Dec

Quartzsite taxpayers are now under legal attack. Today will be remembered as the beginning of an era of expensive legal battles for Quartzsite. The result will be large attorney fees, and potentially large court judgements. The taxpayers must then pay the attorneys and the amounts of any judgements. Today the first legal step was taken by an individual to potentially bring suit against the Town of Quartzsite and its individual public representatives. A string of additional civil lawsuits is reportedly expected to follow.

A Notice of Claim Letter is being delivered to the Town of Quartzsite and many of its leadership and staff. A Notice of Claim Letter is typically a required legal step. It is a demand against another, for damages. Typically, the claim is ignored or denied. The lawsuit then can follow. This formal delivery of the Notice of Claim Letter is reportedly a forerunner.  Several further lawsuits are expected to be brought against the Town and its individual leaders and staff.

Many people are lately finding fault with the behavior of the Town’s leadership. Several findings by Arizona  State agencies have gone against the Quartzsite Town leadership. Most recently, the Attorney General, Tom Horne, found the council had made significant violations of Open Meeting Laws.

Individuals are planning suits or actually in action to bring suits against the Town and its leadership. Circulated video recordings have demonstrated many incidents involving the Town’s representatives, involved in questionable behavior.

Property owners and business people may soon come to understand the potential consequences to their wallets / purses. The actions of their current elected officials, and the actions of their appointees who manage town government have come under scrutiny, and may directly create financial burdens to taxpayers.

The current town leadership was selected last spring by the voters at a recall election. The people made their choices for their representatives. Those representatives’ duties include selecting and appointing competent managers and staff who are expected to properly and legally run the town’s daily affairs. Most of the serious and illegal actions of record took place since those representatives were seated. An example follows.

Today’s Notice of Claim Letter (READ IT HERE) is being served for Jennifer Jones. Her attorney, Stewart Rhodes, visited Quartzsite soon after the June 28 incident when Jones was removed and injured by police. Jones was making a statement from the public podium at a regular council meeting. Video of the incident was widely viewed nationally and internationally. The vast majority of the hundreds of written comments submitted by the public voiced extreme displeasure with the actions of the town government and police.

Another election on March 13 will be held, to decide whether to change the representatives now holding a majority of council voting seats. Changes in those seats could then result in larger changes in administrative positions.


Dedication – Hi Jolly

20 Dec

December 17 marked the Historic Registry dedication of the Hi Jolly monument.

In attendance: Arizona State Representative Nancy McLain, speaker. Town council members and mayor. Bruce Swart, pastor. Dennis Dole, commander VFW post. Many others. Video courtesy of S. W. News, Moore Photo Imaging.

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Election Confusion

20 Dec

It seems that the Quartzsite Town Clerk has called each of the candidates who submitted petitions to be qualified to appear on the ballot. Our primary election will be held March 13. Each petitioner was asked if they would make a choice to run for a 2 year term or a 4 year term. This might be most extraordinary. One council seat is only open because a former council person resigned this year, leaving over two years to run on that seat. The council made an appointment to fill that seat until this election.  Primary election candidate Ed Foster has written a  letter  to Donna Hale, La Paz County Election Clerk.


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