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FBI In Town

16 Feb has obtained the letter from Sam Vederman, La Paz County Attorney, sent to the Federal Bureau of Investigation on January 3, 2012. Vederman requested an investigation of the Town of Quartzsite.




Town Hall Style Meeting

16 Feb

February 15 2012:

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It’s About Your Town, Quartzsite Voters

16 Feb

Please don’t miss this eye-opening story that has caught the attention of the state of Arizona:

Editor: Vote! Voters will soon decide if stories like this will continue to appear. Voters will pay for the resulting lawsuits as well. Read the story just below. The Town Manager reports that the budget for legal expenses is already used.


Renting Out Town’s Heavy Equipment – To Mayor Wannabe Lukkasson!

14 Feb

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HIGHLIGHTS February 14 2012 Council Meeting


 Taft explains a weekend equipment disappearance of taxpayer owned equipment for use on private property.  The backhoe was apparently used to make repairs to the Eatery property. Eatery employee Jerry Lukkasson is a candidate for mayor, but does not currently hold any office. He was invoiced for the equipment use, not the restaurant, per Taft. Taft does not deny that the Town is competing with private enterprise, just charging more for it.


The Town’s budget for legal expenses is bust. Current Quartzsite Town Manager Taft glosses over the heavy legal expenses incurred for the town mismanagement:“Our legal department budget has currently expensed up to 97 percent of its budget. As a result of legal actions taken and defended by the Town of Quartzsite.  Thus far, no judgements have been set or paid by the Town.  So the expense of legal fees have been proactively effected. “ Taft will surely be asked what she meant by “proactively”.


I.G.A. Election. [Note that the Town apparently is already well committed to this election. Procedures have already been underway for weeks.  The County has already held training sessions for poll clerks and printed ballots and planned the election, prior to this late agreement.]


Tourism Zone denied

Sign Wars On Main Street

01 Feb
Election Signs Behind

Ed Foster has filed a    COMPLAINT    with the Town of Quartzsite alleging election law violation by opposing candidate Jerry Lukkasson. It is about signs on Main Street. Supporters of Foster for mayor in the March 13 Primary Election have properly placed signs in the public right of way at various prominent locations. The signs are the typical lightweight temporary signs which pop up for any election. One chosen location is directly in front of a restaurant where Lukkasson works. Foster claims that the restaurant then positioned illegal commercial signs closely and right in front of the campaign signs. The portable signs promote the café. They are movable at will, tall, and typically taken in at night. With the commercial signs in place, passing traffic cannot see the campaign signs, say several witnesses. Photos support those claims.

The circumstances may describe a crime. Foster’s complaint is supported by Arizona Revised Statute 16-1019A.  Political signs; printed materials; tampering; classification

  1. It is a class 2 misdemeanor for any person to knowingly remove, alter, deface or    cover   any political sign of any candidate for public office …

Additionally, Foster claims that the signs for the restaurant appear to violate a Town ordinance prohibiting commercial signs in the public right of way. Today, 3 police vehicles were in the parking lot of the restaurant for a lengthy period. Current Chief Gilbert, Sgt. Garcia, and another officer were probably inside. They apparently took no notice or interest in any violation just outside the building, where a photographer was busy near the signs. No citation or arrest is known to have occurred.

Elections Signs Revealed


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01 Feb

Choice Gold will begin additional drilling in February to test values for future prospective mining on a large gold claim just off Interstate 10 at about Exit 11. See a press release regarding Dome Rock Mountain area:

Story: Drilling at Sugarloaf Peak

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