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Scandal At Scholars Academy

26 Apr

Channel 3 AZ Family sent a reporter to Quartzsite today. Learn why two jobs were lost at a meeting last night.

Report by TV 3 AZ Family


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Town Goes To Court – Election Appeal

26 Apr

Town Council candidate John Prutch, former Town Manager, is determined to have his election contest heard in court. Monday his attorney prepared a Notice of Appeal to continue the effort to have a judge decide the fairness of the Quartzsite Primary Election, just held. The Town claims it had also held a “Special” Election with the Primary, for the seat vacated last year by J. Lizzaraga. Prutch seeks to be placed on the ballot for the General Election to be held May 15. The Town Council has already seated Mike Jewitt in the seat in question. A judge must decide if the Town acted improperly.A hearing date will be announced.
The Town and its Town Council are charged in the suit, as well as Mike Jewitt and Clerk Terry Frausto. Count 1 includes accusations of misrepresentation and fraud by the Town and Clerk Frausto.


Wednesday’s Town Hall Style Meeting

19 Apr

Town Hall Style Meeting, April 18, 2012



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Town Goes To Court – Monday Morning

15 Apr

A court action has been brought to contest the election of council members. Last week’s court hearing in Phoenix resulted in a change in venue. That is, the hearing is reset for 8:30 am Monday April 16 in the Superior Court in Parker at 1316  Kofa Avenue. This is another chance to join your neighbors to observe the proceedings from the public seats. Your tax dollars  are paying for most of the cost of this contest. The action brought by candidate for Town Council John Prutch will likely be decided quickly to preserve the integrity of the election. At issue is having Mr. Prutch placed onthe ballot for the May 15 general election in a timely manner. Grave concerns exist as to the handling of the entire election process by the Town of  Quartzsite leadership.

The suit is brought against: The Town and the Town Council, as well as Terry Frausto, and Mike Jewitt.


Town Goes To Court

10 Apr

Join your friends Wednesday April 11 at the Superior Court in Phoenix. The Town has to defend against another suit. This one involves civil election charges brought by John Prutch via his attorney. The time will be 2:00 pm. Address: 201 West Jefferson Street, Room 701.


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