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Town Council Meeting Today June 26, 2012

26 Jun

Jose Lizarraga and Barbara Cowell were absent without explanation. Both are accused in a new lawsuit brought by La Paz County Attorney Sam Vederman of criminally usurping their council seats. Until today, neither had stepped aside to allow newly elected officials Foster and Orgeron to assume those seats.

Story and Video by Bill Moore, Southwest Desert News Quartzsite AZ – Thanks Bill!


Dean Taylor Barred From Meeting

21 Jun

Town Hall style meeting held yesterday at a restaurant in Quartzsite. These meetings are held monthly on the third Wednesday of the month. It is not clear if all are invited to observe their Town Council
representatives respond to questions asked by the public. The meeting was announced by the Town on the bulletin boards as a “possible quorum”. This restaurant is one where various citizens have been asked to leave and not come back. Yesterday, Dean Taylor was reported to have been forcibly barred from attending the meeting.


Fire On Targa Trail

18 Jun

For the second time in two days, Quartzsite Fire Dept. on Sunday June 17 2012 responded to a fire on Targa Trail in Quartzsite. Upon arrival two structures were involved, a travel trailer and a delivery truck. Both were being used for storage and no one was living in them. The trailer was a total loss and the truck was heavily damaged. On Saturday the 16th Quartzsite fire responded to a fire in a small utility trailer used to haul garbage at the residence next door. There were no injuries to firefighters or any other people. The fire is under investigation by Quartzsite Police Dept. No cause is known at this time.
Story and Video by Bill Moore, Southwest Desert News Quartzsite AZ – Thanks Bill!

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Cowell Statement Challenged By County Recorder

16 Jun

“We have proof that there were (three) people who were dead who voted” was Barbara Cowell’s statement, speaking as “Vice Mayor” of Quartzsite. That statement seems to have been directly contradicted by Shelly Baker, La Paz County Recorder, in charge of voter records. SEE FULL STORY AND VIDEO

Cowell has made no known public release of the “proof”.


Press Release from Sam Vederman, County Attorney

15 Jun

Today Sam Vederman, La Paz County Attorney, released this further explanation of the previously reported court action initiated yesterday against Jose Lizarraga (Quartzsite Arizona “Mayor”) and Barbara Cowell (“Vice Mayor”).



“Oust” Mayor Lizarraga and V. Mayor Cowell!

15 Jun

Press Release:

La Paz Co. Attorney files civil action against losing Quartzsite Mayor
& Vice Mayor who refuse to leave office

At 3:56yesterday afternoon, La Paz County Attorney Sam Vederman has filed a civil action of QUO WARRANTO against Jose Lizarraga and Barbara Cowell, case #CV201200082 in the La Paz County Superior Court.

QUO WARRANTO (“BY WHAT AUTHORITY”) After being denied the right to take office, Mayor Elect Ed Foster and Councilman Elect Mark Orgeron filed complaints with Vederman’s office claiming that outgoing Mayor Jose Lizarraga and Vice Mayor Barbara Cowell had usurped their office.

Pursuant to ARS12-2042, complaint CV-201200082 has been filed “Wherefore,
the State requests the following relief:
1. For a judgment of usurpation pursuant to ARS 12-2045 against defendant Lizarraga.
2. For this court’s order ousting and excluding defendant Lizarraga from the Office of Mayor of the Town of Quartzsite.
3. For a judgment of usurpation pursuant to ARS 12-2045 against defendant Cowell.
4. For this court’s order ousting and excluding defendant Cowell from the Office of Council Member of the Town of Quartzsite
5. For such other orders and relief as this court deems just and proper in the

This is history making legal move, as no other municipality in Arizona has an ordinance which sets limitations on who may run for public office, beyond those provided for in the Arizona Constitution Articles 7 &15, and ARS 9-232. A

(Vederman v Lizarraga and Cowell)

Jennifer “Jade” Jones

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Demonstration At Arizona State Capitol

14 Jun

Yesterday residents of Quartzsite trekked to Phoenix and made a public plea for assistance in resolving this town’s election crisis.



Quartzsite Mayor-elect Fears Violence

13 Jun

CLICK HERE TO SEE STORY where is reporting that a handful of people from Quartzsite Arizona gathered in front of the state Capitol Wednesday, carrying signs. Among them was Mayor-elect Ed Foster, who expressed grave concerns for the ill-will that the current town leadership has created. The signs carried messages pleading for help in Quartzsite in seating newly elected officials.


Disruptive Newcomers?

13 Jun

NO SHOWOur own “Vice Mayor” Barbara Cowell has now told KPNX she and other incumbents are “fighting against disruptive newcomers”. Is Cowell referring to the newly elected candidates? Cowell still “occupies” the council seat as “Vice Mayor”, without regard for the peoples’ majority vote for Mark Orgeron to replace her. Cowell is now a defendant in a suit brought by Orgeron in United States District Court to bring about rule of law.


Auto Fire Quartzsite

12 Jun

Auto fire on Highway 95 this morning June 12 2012. Mile post 121 southbound.

Video by Bill Moore, Southwest Desert News Quartzsite AZ

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Old Council Meets Again

12 Jun

The “Mayor” (Jose Lizarraga) who was voted out on May 15, again took the mayor’s seat today. The “Vice Mayor” Barbara Cowell also refuses to acknowledge defeat in the election. Cowell made an odd statement to a reporter for the Arizona Republic “All we’re trying to do is protect the people of Quartzsite”.

The voters still wait patiently and respectfully for their newly elected officials to be given their seats to represent them. Legal actions have begun. Councilman elect Mark Orgeron has sued the town, each council member, and the town clerk Terry Frausto. Mayor elect Ed Foster is pursuing other legal remedies.

Video copyright Moore Photo Imaging, S.W. Desert News – Thank you!


Martin Brannan’s Phoenix File

11 Jun

Martin Brannan, Current Quartzsite Town Attorney

These events today. It is reported and confirmed in other local news sources that a file exists in the Phoenix prosecutor’s office for Martin Ellsworth Brannan. This file exists as the result of a request by La Paz County Attorney Sam Vederman.

There was an incident at the May 22 Quartzsite Town Council meeting where it appears that Brannan may have intentionally assaulted Mayor Jose Lizarraga. This led the La Paz County Sheriff to take a report and make an investigation and report to Sam Vederman for potential prosecution. That investigation is complete.

Mr. Vederman has just stepped aside in his usual duty in evaluating the potential prosecution of this case. He declared that he has a conflict of interest. To be fair to the accused Martin Brannan, another agency must handle this case. So, the Phoenix agency will now consider the Sheriff’s report for formal charges against the current Quartzsite Town Attorney and Prosecutor Martin Brannan.

Vederman once worked in Brannan’s office before Vederman was elected in 2008, defeating Brannan. Hence, it appears proper for a disinterested prosecutor to evaluate the complaint against Brannan.


You Can’t Beat The Ride

11 Jun

“You can beat the rap, but you can’t beat the ride”.  (A police officer to his arrestee. Overheard. Thousands of times over.) A well known expression among cops.  Once charged with a crime, even if the arrestee is innocent, “the ride” for the person wrongly charged is having to endure months of the agonizing and expensive court process.

Dishonest police and prosecutors use this tactic to punish people they deem deserving of punishment. They just arrest and charge them. This is only possible because the public places a huge amount of trust in their police and criminal  prosecutors. A lot of damage can be done to innocent victims by dishonest prosecutors and cops. Reputations and marriages and careers of their victms are wrecked.

With this much power, rarely does a prosecutor ever have to face real justice for his actions. However, like for Al Capone, justice can take many forms. For Capone, justice came as a prison sentence for income tax evasion instead of for violent crimes. For a crooked small town prosecutor, justice can come as an unexpected charge of assault against himself from the Mayor. Even a lawyer/prosecutor can’t beat the ride. His ride could even be worse. [Any similarity to real people or the Town of Quartzsite is purely coincidental. Editor]


A Pattern of Lawlessness in Quartzsite

10 Jun

This video ran almost one year ago. Not much seems to have changed since then. Goldwater Institute attorney Christina Kohn appeared last July on the Fox Business Network’s Freedom Watch to discuss the chaos in Quartzsite, Ariz., where the town council has shut the mayor out of power and put the chief of police in charge.

Founded in 1988 with the blessing of the late Senator Barry Goldwater, the Goldwater Institute’s mission is to advance freedom and protect the Constitution.


Fire At Rose RV Park

06 Jun

At 6:59 PMon Tuesday June 6, 2012Quartzsite Fire Dept. was called to respond to an RV fire at Rose RV Park on West Kuehn Blvd.  On arrival the RV was fully involved with fire and several exposures to other RVs on both sides and a large propane truck near by.  Fire fighters were able to quickly get the fire under control and out.  The RV was a total loss and minimal damage was done to the RVs on both sides.  The owner of the RV was not at home at the time.  There were no injuries to any fire fighters or any one else.
The cause of the fire is not known at this time.

Story and video contributed by Bill Moore, Southwest Desert News Quartzsite Az. Thanks!


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