Let’s Replay Their Own Words

17 Jul

March 27 2012, at the Council Meeting, at 17 minutes into the meeting:

Speaking about Resolution 12-07 Town Attorney Martin Brannan states “This doesn’t authorize an expenditure of any town funds. We are requesting other government agencies to do investigations, if they say no, they say no. It wouldn’t authorize the town to take any independent action or to hire an investigative firm or spend any money ” And then council passed the resolution.

Then on to the July 10 meeting new Councilwoman Pat Workman questioned a check [town funds] written to a private investigative firm [Humphries Investigative Services].

Town Manager Alexandra Taft answered her question this way. “That resolution [resolution 12-7] stated that I was to proceed with the investigation, it was quite clear”. Councilperson Workman responded “So it was authorized by you then”. Taft: “No,  it was authorized by the council”.

Contrary to Resolution 12-07, at this time at least $30,000 of Town funds have been paid or committed to private investigative firms for the purpose of investigating the Town’s own residents!

Story and Video by Bill Moore, Southwest Desert News, Quartzsite AZ – Thanks Bill!


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