July 24 Town Council Meeting

24 Jul

New revelations.

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  1. RBmt

    July 24, 2012 at 3:56 pm

    Mr. Brannan claims:
    “When you approve the checks, you are not approving the checks being paid, you are approving the ledger of the checks that have been paid… What you are approving is the ledger… if you refuse to approve the ledger this does not mean that the check has not been paid, cashed, or cleared… I don’t know of any municipality that operates in such a backwards fashion.”

    I disagree. This is exactly how it works in my city, in the small town I grew up in, and a very quick Google search produces several confirming statements:

    Bonney Lake, WA “The City’s general payment terms are net 30 days. The Accounts Payable section is responsible for processing vendor invoices and other remittances in a timely manner. The City issues checks twice a month after approval by the City Council, with payments mailed out after approval. ”

    Woodbury, NJ “The City of Woodbury has a centralized Accounts Payable system that processes payment of invoices following approval by the City department that made the purchase and the bill list approval by City Council.”

    Corcoran, CA “Checks are issued twice a month after approval by the City Council which meets the first and third Monday of the month. Invoices are due in at least two weeks prior to each meeting to ensure proper processing.”

    Douglas, WY “All payments for purchases of goods or services may only be made with prior approval from City Council. Prepare & present vendor payment requests to City Council for approval. Approval is made at the first Council meeting of each month, which is held on the second Monday. Deadline for payment requests is Tuesday prior to the second Monday of each month.”

    Ashdown, AR (City council minutes) “After a brief overview from City Clerk Kirk Mounts the accounts payable for the month of May and the June payrolls were approved for payment by the Council on a motion made by Council Member Pennington, seconded by Council Member Adkison. Motion carried.”


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