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Chief of Police Gilbert Pulls Out Gun On Leave

31 Aug

Quartzsite Chief of Police Gilbert Pulled Out His Gun.

Current Police Chief Jeff Gilbert is on administrative leave, accused of a criminal act. Today he was being served legal process at home. He chose to draw his weapon to discourage the process server, Jack Jones. Gilbert had just pulled into his driveway, exited car with gun in hand and began shouting.  August 31 2012, 7:16 pm. Full Blue Moon tonight.



This Just In

30 Aug

“When the people fear their government, there is tyranny.  When the government fears the people, there is liberty.”  Thomas Jefferson

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29 Aug

The truth is finally exposed by town attorney Martin Brannan. Current town code recent changes created a de facto dictatorship for the town manager position! Read Martin Brannan’s own words below, as seen in a court  AFFIDAVIT BY ALEXANDRA TAFT  just filed:


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Councilwoman Workman Demands Apology

29 Aug

Quartzsite Council member Patricia Workman delivered a letter this morning to the interim Town Manager – Terry Frausto. CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO ENLARGE

Letter Workman to Frausto





Davidson Complains About Johnson

29 Aug

Hal Davidson, former Quartzsite Town Council member, has filed a complaint with Town Hall and Quartzsite Police regarding an incident following yesterday’s Council meeting. CLICK ON IMAGE TO SEE LETTER:


Send in your 10 Cents

28 Aug

Each man, woman and child in Quartzsite owes ten cents for the court filing fee that the Town just paid to sue itself. Thanks to Martin Brannan, Town Attorney, who filed the lawsuit.

Only ten cents. That’s the good news. There’s also the much greater cost of serving the papers on Council members, necessary legal advice, Martin Brannan’s salaried time spent on suing Town Council members, car and driver expense to deliver the documents to the court clerk, lost time by all involved, etc.

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A Lot Of People Are Not Surprised

28 Aug

August 29  10:45 am UPDATE:

A working audio is now available on the Town website, but only the first half of the meeting.


Does the Quartzsite Town Council want the public to know what is going on at their meetings?

The Town’s posted (internet) audio recording of today’s meeting is defective again. Only the first 44 seconds of the meeting are
audible. The meeting lasted 24 minutes. This is not the first time that critical records of important events have been mysteriously lost to “technological problems” – a phrase frequently used by Martin Brannan, Town Attorney. That phrase has been used more than once to “excuse” the Town from its obligation to inform the public of the occurrence of meetings.

Also, Council members cannot seem to use their microphones. In spite of constant comments and complaints during meetings from the public who cannot hear what the council members are saying, nothing has been done to correct this simple problem.

These two conditions together constitute an unwillingness of the Council to communicate with the people they hold meetings for.

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(Very) Special Meeting Today

28 Aug

A full house present to watch. Town Manager Alexandra Taft placed on administrative leave – the same fate met by many her former long experienced employees. New Town Manager appointed: Terry Frausto (Town Clerk).

Video much appreciated, contributed by Southwest Desert News / MPI, LLC (copyright)

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Quartzsite Town Attorney Sues His Own Clients!

28 Aug

Martin Brannan

Quartzsite Town Attorney Martin Brannan filed a petition for a Temporary Restraining Order this morning ostensibly on behalf of the Town of Quartzsite (plaintiff) against the Town’s elected officials! (Town Council, defendants). So, in effect, Mr. Brannan is suing the Town on behalf of the Town! (Interestingly, he is suing his own clients, to whom he gives legal advice.)

It appears the motive for this bizarre move was to  protect his job, since the Town Council was to consider firing the Town Manager and Assistant Town Manager, who hired and sustain Mr. Brannan. (Mr Brannan has been  the subject of numerous Bar complaints, still pending, according to the Arizona Republic newspaper.) Mr. Brannan claims such firings would be illegal. But

1) if true, it wouldn’t be the first time the Town acted illegally. The old Town council has routinely held illegal meetings, as the State AG has already ruled. Mr. Brannan never filed a TRO to stop those illegal meetings. And

2) a TRO is supposed to be issued only after an act, when actual harm is alleged. Not before.

Surprisingly (or not, considering his track record for the town), La Paz County Superior Court Michael Burke signed off the TRO, which this reporter believes fails the 4 basic legal tests for a TRO at every point. (If nothing else, ignoring Mr. Brannan’s obvious conflict of interest, Mr. Brannan lacks standing to sue the Town Council on behalf of the Town. Clearly, the Town Council did not authorize this suit against them.) In essence, what Judge Burke has done is akin to barring the Arizona Legislature from voting on SB 1070 because it might be unconstitutional. A TRO is not ripe until a law or act has been ratified. You can’t get a TRO because of what someone “might” do. There has to be actual harm.

Now Judge Burke has created a constitutional issue, a violation of Article III, Distribution of Powers clause in the AZ Constitution, because the Judicial is telling the Legislative what it can and cannot do.

Hopefully the Arizona Attorney General will step in with an emergency appeal to the Arizona Court of Appeals to overturn Judge Burke as it has done a few times already.


“A party seeking injunctive relief must show:

1. that they are likely to succeed on the merits,

2. that they are likely to suffer irreparable harm in the absence of preliminary relief,

3. that the balance of equities tips in his favor, and

4. that the injunction is in the public interest.”

At minimum, it is hard to see how it is not in the public interest for elected officials to do their job.

[contributed by Quartzsite Outsider – Thanks!]


Council Stalemate Meeting

27 Aug

The  Quartzsite Town Council met today but decided little. Council member Mark Orgeron complained that the Town administration is blocking efforts to hold a  special Council meeting.

Video much appreciated, contributed by  Southwest Desert News / MPI, LLC (copyright)


CANCELLED: Saturday Special Meeting!

24 Aug


Quartzsite’s Town Council will hold a special 4pm public meeting tomorrow, Saturday  August 25 2012. A short but potentially explosive agenda has been set.

READ: Letter 3 Council members to Taft

NEW – READ: August 24 Press Release











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Quartzsite Police Chief Suspended

23 Aug

Jeff Gilbert

Current Police Chief Jeff Gilbert is suspended with pay, pending due process. Allegations not revealed. Sgt. James Schultz appointed acting chief by Town Manager Alex Taft. Sgt. Fabiola Garcia of Laveen Arizona, long time good friend of Jeff and Sondra Gilbert, also suspended.



This Stuff Is Not Secret

22 Aug

The Town of Quartzsite used to post useful information online for the public to view. Over recent months, the Town leadership has demonstrated a pattern of reducing the amount of such information. It simply is no longer posted, or posted in an obscure place. In the interest of all, this website will publish the “packet” of information which each council member receives a few days prior to each council meeting. The packet is intended to inform the council members about the agenda issues on which they must vote. Thanks to council member Patricia Workman.

CLICK HERE TO SEE Packet for Meeting August 14 2012

The Town has also demonstrated over the last 13 months that the public’s input is no longer welcome at the council meetings. Although “no public discussion” is the new rule at meetings, at least the public can read the packet and better
understand what their “representatives” are doing up there.

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Meet The Candidates

21 Aug

The Quartzsite Senior Center hosted a 90 minute event which filled the bingo room. Candidates for local elected positions in the coming August 28 primary election each gave a five minute statement. Direct questions from public attendees followed.

Video much appreciated, contributed by Southwest Desert News / MPI, LLC (copyright)


RV Tent Show Owner Mistreated By Town

20 Aug

The ownership of the biggest annual event in Quartzsite has made a complaint to the Town of Quartzsite and hired an attorney to combat their unwillingness to communicate. The owners wish to resolve the matter of a  sudden huge increase in the normal charge for sewer usage at the property where the tent is erected each visitor season.

Kenny King’s letter of complaint available for viewing   HERE   or   HERE.


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