Jennifer Jones Exonerated Today

15 Aug

Jennifer Jones prevailed in Quartzsite Municipal Court today. She was again falsely charged by the Town Assistant Manager Albert A. Johnson, this time for operating a business without a license. Jones demonstrated that indeed “Furry Friends” pet salon was licensed at the time of the multiple citations, issued last October.

During the proceedings, all present were able to view the license on a large screen. Johnson responded “I don’t remember” or “I don’t know” to many questions from Jones, who represented herself. Al Johnson said he did not “believe” Jones had a proper license, but could not demonstrate to Judge Lawrence King how or why. The fourth charge against Jones, for operating a kennel without a license, was dismissed because the Town has no kennel license!

Often, if a business is thought to be out of compliance with the Town code, a Notice of Violation is tendered the owner.  This allows most infractions to be taken care of informally. In Jones’ case, the Town chose to immediately file multiple criminal charges, for each day that Johnson thought the code had been violated by opening the dog grooming business for business. Johnson said he did so “because we can”.

A special prosecutor had to be hired from Maricopa County to bring the case to trial, at additional expense to the taxpayers of Quartzsite, Arizona.

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