Update – Quartzsite Town Manager Bruno Hijacks Council Authority

24 Jun

[Corrected 5:20 pm,  4:45 pm]

Correction: 5 pm Mayor Foster indicates that his written letter of instructions to the Town Manager Laura Bruno is being ignored. Foster wrote the letter this afternoon to arrange a 9am meeting. The brick wall that the letter met and the confusion it now creates puts the public completely in the dark about what meeting will take place, and when if at all, tomorrow. It seems that now as a result of the Town Manager’s actions that there can be no legal meeting tomorrow to conduct the Town’s important business.


At the 9:00 to 11:00 am Quartzsite Town Council work session today, Rain Golden-Bear brought something to the attention of the Council.  The public notice for the regular Council Meeting scheduled for tomorrow at 9:00 am did not get posted … in time. The public must be notified by postings of an agenda, made least 24 hours in advance of such a scheduled meeting. This per Open Meeting Law of Arizona, the very subject of today’s session. But because of some excitement in Town Hall recently, no one got around to posting that agenda.

So, Town Manager Laura Bruno and the Town attorneys decided to change the time of the Tuesday Council meeting to 1:00 pm. So today’s public attendees left understanding that tomorrow’s meeting will be held at 1:00 pm, not 9 am.

But wait a minute. Laura – you don’t have the authority to change the time of any Council meeting. Only the Council has that authority. It is, after all, a “Council” meeting. You have apparently usurped the power of the Council, with the help of the Town attorneys.

It gets better. After deciding to change the meeting to 1:00 pm they thought everything was fine, right? Not so fast.

Again, nobody properly posted the 24 hour advance public notice of tomorrow’s new time of 1:00 pm. This occurred on the town website. (Weren’t such postings covered in the work session today regarding Open Meeting Law?)

Mayor Ed Foster will take the bull by the horns and call a special emergency meeting for 9:00 am tomorrow on Tuesday June 25 to correct the mishandling. All are invited. Way to go Mayor Foster.

————————–  Section 2-4-1 Regular Meetings (Ord 89-05)(Ord92-07)(Ord 02-05)(Ord 11-11)

The Council Shall hold regular meetings on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 9:00 A.M., except when the day fixed for any regular meeting of the Common Council falls upon a day designated by law as a legal holiday, such meeting shall be held at the same hour on the next succeeding day not a holiday unless otherwise noticed by the Town. All regular meetings of the Council shall be held at the location specified in the Notice of Meeting

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