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Quartzsite Council Member Timberlake Responds – Almost

26 Oct

This website just published a factual report about Quartzsite’s new unelected council member – Monica Timberlake. Now Qtown.US offers these related emails that were exchanged today between Rain Goldenbear (Desert Messenger) and Douglas Gilford (Qtown.US).


[11:07am Rain to Doug]

Hi Doug,

Monica asked me to email you yesterday’s print-out of her MVD record.

Magistrate’s accusations came as a total surprise, since she had never been contacted, 

so she first called MVD to clarify, and then drove to Parker MVD for the print out.

It is the redacted version.

[[Qtown.US reader: see image below]]

Her license is NOT suspended and shows a clear record.

Since you posted the judge’s false allegations, it’s only fair to post the tru and accurate information.




[2:08pm Doug to Rain]

OK. Have Monica sign a printout of this email plus the MVD printout.

Email it to me. I will publish those, alone and as-is, to be the next new post to my blog.

Any other new research is welcome. Doug


[2:45pm, Rain to Doug]

I’m not going to bother her today, as it’s her birthday…

will get back with you



[emails were edited for brevity]

Ms. Timberlake has apparently lost her enthusiasm to challenge the judge, so Qtown.US awaits her response, either personally or through [her de facto agent] Rain Goldenbear. News delayed is news denied.

Here is the MVD report Ms. Timberlake obtained and sent. It is a 39 month report. Please note that her citation occurred about 42 months ago. That discrepancy is not yet explained. “Status: Cancelled” on this MVD report also needs explanation.

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