Quartzsite Council Member Timberlake Responds – Almost

26 Oct

This website just published a factual report about Quartzsite’s new unelected council member – Monica Timberlake. Now Qtown.US offers these related emails that were exchanged today between Rain Goldenbear (Desert Messenger) and Douglas Gilford (Qtown.US).


[11:07am Rain to Doug]

Hi Doug,

Monica asked me to email you yesterday’s print-out of her MVD record.

Magistrate’s accusations came as a total surprise, since she had never been contacted, 

so she first called MVD to clarify, and then drove to Parker MVD for the print out.

It is the redacted version.

[[Qtown.US reader: see image below]]

Her license is NOT suspended and shows a clear record.

Since you posted the judge’s false allegations, it’s only fair to post the tru and accurate information.




[2:08pm Doug to Rain]

OK. Have Monica sign a printout of this email plus the MVD printout.

Email it to me. I will publish those, alone and as-is, to be the next new post to my blog.

Any other new research is welcome. Doug


[2:45pm, Rain to Doug]

I’m not going to bother her today, as it’s her birthday…

will get back with you



[emails were edited for brevity]

Ms. Timberlake has apparently lost her enthusiasm to challenge the judge, so Qtown.US awaits her response, either personally or through [her de facto agent] Rain Goldenbear. News delayed is news denied.

Here is the MVD report Ms. Timberlake obtained and sent. It is a 39 month report. Please note that her citation occurred about 42 months ago. That discrepancy is not yet explained. “Status: Cancelled” on this MVD report also needs explanation.

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  1. nonparty

    October 27, 2013 at 4:06 pm

    I am amazed – but not surprised – that the editor of the Desert Messenger personally contacted the editor of this news blog. Emailing on behalf of Councilwoman Timberlake, Rain asked the editor of this blog to supplement his story about the Councilwoman so as to be “fair.” (Implying his reporting was not fair.)

    Regardless of what the “true and accurate information” about Timberlake’s MVD history may be, what does Rain’s personal involvement in this story tell you about the independence or objectivity of the Desert Messenger?

    If Councilwoman Timberlake wanted “the truth” out, then she should have contacted the editor of this blog directly with her new data. Or filed a comment on the blog to correct the record. Timberlake should not have gone through an intermediary who publishes a paper in Town to act has her personal Press Agent. But she did, and there’s a lot to glean from that.

    Many readers perceive the Desert Messenger to be slanted toward the Town and Town Council. (Doesn’t it read like a Chamber of Commerce Press Release?)

    But the obvious bias is not perception anymore. Now it’s a fact.

    True journalists are not supposed to take sides. The publisher of the Messenger should NOT have acted on Timberlake’s behalf, citing journalistic ethics.

    And what does it tell you when Timberlake knows she can rely on Rain to come through for her? What a shill. Rain and the Messenger are just an arm of the Town Council.

    Rain, by contacting the editor of this blog on behalf of Timberlake, you have soiled yourself publicly. And you have forever tarnished any integrity that the Desert Messenger might have had. (Not to mention that you are a hypocrite when it comes to “fairness.”)

    Thankfully, there’s an Internet where we can go to find the other side of a story and learn about things like this. In the end, I’m confident that the truth will out.


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