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Will Timberlake Explain Tangled Quartzsite Council Appointment?

27 Oct

Facts for the reader’s consideration:

1. From the Town Code: “The qualifications for eligibility of Mayor or Council candidates for election to these positions includes the requirement that no delinquent or fixed fines and penalties, user fees, permit fees, and sales tax be owed to the Town of Quartzsite at the time of declaration of candidacy.”

2. From the court record imaged below:

a. Disposition of case: Failure to pay even after multiple court system notices

b. Court “Suspension” on February 16, 2011 (Civil. This technically did not disallow Ms. Timberlake to drive.)

c. The traffic Citation was issued to Ms. Timberlake May 3, 2010. A 39 month “clear record” MVD report was  provided to Qtown.US (via Rain Goldenbear). That did not display the citation event of 42 months ago.

d. A delinquency already existed before the citation.

3. Monica Timberlake (“MT”), newest council appointment, took issue with Judge Lilly’s smoking Memorandum accusing her of being one “breaking the law they are swearing to uphold”. Her response was to provide an inadequate MVD printout (see last post, below). That report did not cover the important time frame of her citation.

4. MT had apparent unpaid fines with the Quartzsite Municipal Court at the time of declaration of candidacy. MT could and should have had knowledge of these fines. Her agent Rain Goldenbear (publisher of Desert Messenger newspaper) wrote “she had never been contacted”.

Since MT has enlisted the publisher/journalist from Desert Messenger to represent her, Qtown.US invites more facts from MT and/or her agent Rain Goldenbear.

——————————  [ The online public access court record is not assured to be accurate. It is also coded, subject to interpretation. It is subject to clerk error. Ms. Timberlake could clarify her position on Judge Lilly’s recent memorandum complaint, by releasing her own copies of records and receipts. ]

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