Judge Condemns Actions Of Quartzsite Leaders

28 Nov

Read the story in the Arizona Republic at

Alex Taft, former Town Manager

Al Johnson, former assistant manager

“…Gilbert, former Town Manager Alex Taft and former Assistant Manager Albert Johnson are personally liable for damages, along with the municipality. ”

“Aspey’s ruling says Gilbert falsely asserted that he had been cleared by the DPS inquiry.”

“…“Truth for the most part has finally come out,” said William Ponce, one of the plaintiffs and a former sergeant on the police force.”

“Aspey found that the two town administrators carried out Gilbert’s threats as retaliation. And, to the extent that any disruption occurred, Aspey wrote, ‘It appears that the chief’s behavior, including his response to plaintiffs’ protected free speech, caused the breakdown.’ ”

Jeff Gilbert

Jeff Gilbert, former Police Chief
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