Quartzsite Must Change Illegal Public Records Policy

06 Dec

If you put any faith in this East Valley Tribune news report, one can now enter Quartzsite Town Hall or Police Department with a camera, then ask to view public records, then photograph them. The Town of Quartzsite has denied this writer and other requestors the right to photograph records – since at least March of 2011. Since that time, the Town’s fees to obtain copies of printed and digital records steeply increased. This effectively made many records available only to more wealthy requestors. Photographing a document with your own camera is of course free. The Town has been charging $1.00 per page for at least two years!

QPD sign No Cameras

Currently, QPD has a sign on their front door warning against entering the building with a camera at all!  “Cameras and/or recording devices strictly prohibited”.

Bear in mind that our public servant record keepers have an established process for gathering the documents you wish to view (and photograph perhaps). A reasonable time frame is permitted, after a requestor submits a form. Also, some particular records are not available to the public.

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