Jennifer Jones vs Quartzsite Prosecutor David Ward

10 Jan

View Jones Motion to remove Prosecutor Ward

The case is Arizona vs. Jennifer Jones. The Town of Quartzsite is pressing yet another in a string of many unsuccessful criminal cases against Jennifer Jones, local rule of law activist.  In this interesting skirmish in the Town’s own Municipal Court, Jones has called into question the actions of Prosecutor David Ward.


” … Vindictive and retaliatory conduct by the Town of Quartzsite … As a defendant in CV-2013-2170-NVW, David Ward faces the very real possibility of sustaining a judgment against him personally, including monetary damages, and thus has a conflict of interest as he stands to benefit financially from abusing the judicial process to discredit Jones with a potential criminal conviction, which, if he were to succeed, could be used to influence the jury in his favor at trial. … David Ward filed the criminal charge(s) in the above captioned case without providing Defendant Jones the due process afforded others similarly situated in the community … to allow a defendant the opportunity to remedy the disputed issues … he allowed 113 days to toll before bringing the charge(s) in the above captioned case, and, without due process and … charged Defendant Jones with every subsequent day as a separate offense  “

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