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Jones Claim Against Judge Putz-Artrip And Town Of Parker

03 Feb

A letter of claim has been delivered to the Town of Parker and others as described below. This claim is directly related to another described on this blog today. READ FULL LETTER OF CLAIM

This claim … arises out of the negligent actions of [Parker Magistrate Judge] James Putz-Artrip, acting outside of judicial immunity… Judge James Putz-Artrip signed administrative search warrant SW-2013-002 as “Judge Quartzsite Municipal Court”, which had the effect that Jennifer Jones and her husband John Jones were subject [to] a false light invasion of their privacy in a heated confrontation with four armed Quartzsite Police Officers and the Community Development Director.

No arrest or citations… a false and defamatory press release was subsequently issued… by The Town of Quartzsite… had the effect of forcing the Jones’ to relocate…Mr. Jones was then harassed by BLM law enforcement officers Conde and Thompson…. the application was for a non-criminal search warrant …extra due diligence would have been appropriate… no physical evidence such as photographs, video, or even copies of referenced codes or ordinances over the alleged ‘violations’ were submitted in support of … warrant… “

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“Going Quartzsite”

24 Jan

A new phrase has been coined by the largest news organization in Arizona. The Arizona Republic reports on website  “Cave Creek, Don’t Become The New Quartzsite“. The governing Council of Cave Creek, Arizona is experiencing strong resistance to their leadership. A recall is being organized there against 6 newly elected members.

Quoting the article: The syndrome has a name. Cave Creek, it appears, is going “Quartzsite.” In 2011, the tiny western Arizona town of Quartzsite was convulsed in political in-fighting so chaotic that observers were calling on the governor to send in the state police to restore order.



Jennifer Jones v Town Of Quartzsite New Lawsuit In U.S. Court

30 Oct

Click to view the case, filed October 24: Jennifer Jones v Town of Quartzsite (a .pdf file)

These defendants are named in a Civil Rights action: Town of Quartzsite; Laura Bruno, Wife and Husband; Stephen Henrichs, Husband and wife; David Ward; Mark Orgeron, Husband and Wife; Norma Crooks, Wife and Husband; Mike Jewitt, Husband and Wife;  Carol Kelly; Patricia Anderson, Wife and Husband

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Quartzsite Council Member Timberlake Responds – Almost

26 Oct

This website just published a factual report about Quartzsite’s new unelected council member – Monica Timberlake. Now Qtown.US offers these related emails that were exchanged today between Rain Goldenbear (Desert Messenger) and Douglas Gilford (Qtown.US).


[11:07am Rain to Doug]

Hi Doug,

Monica asked me to email you yesterday’s print-out of her MVD record.

Magistrate’s accusations came as a total surprise, since she had never been contacted, 

so she first called MVD to clarify, and then drove to Parker MVD for the print out.

It is the redacted version.

[[Qtown.US reader: see image below]]

Her license is NOT suspended and shows a clear record.

Since you posted the judge’s false allegations, it’s only fair to post the tru and accurate information.




[2:08pm Doug to Rain]

OK. Have Monica sign a printout of this email plus the MVD printout.

Email it to me. I will publish those, alone and as-is, to be the next new post to my blog.

Any other new research is welcome. Doug


[2:45pm, Rain to Doug]

I’m not going to bother her today, as it’s her birthday…

will get back with you



[emails were edited for brevity]

Ms. Timberlake has apparently lost her enthusiasm to challenge the judge, so Qtown.US awaits her response, either personally or through [her de facto agent] Rain Goldenbear. News delayed is news denied.

Here is the MVD report Ms. Timberlake obtained and sent. It is a 39 month report. Please note that her citation occurred about 42 months ago. That discrepancy is not yet explained. “Status: Cancelled” on this MVD report also needs explanation.

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Quartzsite’s Incompetent Town Council

25 Oct

At the last meeting, the Quartzsite Town Council:

1. Fired Police Chief Jeff Gilbert (his second firing in about a year). Reported cost to taxpayers to break the Chief’s contract is at least $85,000 $116,000.

2. Appointed a new Council member without adequately examining her qualifications. The presiding Quartzsite Municipal Court judge yesterday refused to swear in the new unelected appointee – Monica Timberlake. The judge’s reasons:

1. “interrupts judicial proceedings” 2. “owes the court money” 3. “breaking the law …[that the appointee is]…  swearing to uphold”.

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Quartzsite Chief Gilbert Fouls Out At His Firing

22 Oct
Jeff Gilbert

Jeff Gilbert

Jeff Gilbert was terminated (fired) without stated cause by the Quartzsite Town Council today. His last act was to stand at the podium during the call to the public and break a very significant rule. He decided to turn around and face the public and “thank” the town (his foul-out). It is well known that a speaker must face and address only the Council from this podium, not turn to the public.

Ironically, Jeff Gilbert personally participated in the arrest of his nemesis Jennifer Jones about two years ago at the same podium and for the same act – facing the public from the podium. Her elbow was broken by Officer Rick Paterson during that widely criticized arrest. Another irony – the same mayor presided today, as in 2011, but did not object to Gilbert’s obvious infraction.

“I am still the chief” was a familiar statement from this former police chief. This was his second firing by the town in about one year. His firing in 2012 was reversed. The Town of Quartzsite is now burdened with many claims and lawsuits as a result of actions by Gilbert and his cops. The Town is thus clinging to sub-prime liability insurance it sought after its participation in the economical Arizona Municipal Risk Pool was cancelled.

The Jennifer Jones arrest two years ago:

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Six Months Prison For Quartzsite Investor Peter Pocklington

27 Sep

Peter Pocklington, 71, of Palm Desert, California, has promoted gold mining enterprises in the Quartzsite, Arizona area for the last few years. He has now been found in violation of probation a court granted him in 2010. He appeared in Federal court in Riverside California a week ago to be sentenced. His sentence begins December 9. This according to Canadian source

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Gilford vs. Quartzsite

10 Jul

Local resident Douglas Gilford has brought suit against the Town of Quartzsite and 30 individuals, seeking damages and injunctive relief.

Read Amended Complaint Gilford vs Quartzsite

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Quartzsite Special Meeting Wed 1pm (Let’s See)

25 Jun

1. Letter from Mayor Foster to Town Clerk Frausto:

DATE June 24, 2013

To Ms Terry Frausto, Town Clerk, Town of Quartzsite

From: Ed Foster, Mayor

Re: Emergency Meeting.

Ms. Frausto

The schedule for tomorrow’s regular meeting for the town council is in trouble. Ms. Bruno is not allowed to reschedule a regular meeting of the Town Council. I am calling for an Emergency Meeting of the Town Council to be held at 9:00 am June 25 as scheduled by the Town Code. At this meeting we will adopt the Agenda for the regular Meeting and Schedule it for 9:00 am the 26th. This will keep us in compliance with town code and open meeting laws.  Thank you;

/s/ Ed Foster

Mayor, Town of Quartzsite


[Mayor Foster’s letter was apparently ignored until he received this response in his mailbox today]

2. Letter received by Mayor Foster from Town Clerk Frausto:

To:  Mayor Ed Foster

From: Terry Frausto, Town Clerk

Date: June 24, 2013

RE: Emergency Meeting Request

Dear Mr. Mayor:

Upon your request for an emergency meeting I consulted with the Town Attorneys and received this response:

We write in reference to the June 24, 2013 letter of Mayor Ed Foster seeking to call an Emergency Meeting of the Quartzsite Town Council at 9 a.m. on June 25. Such a meeting would be in violation of the Open Meeting Law because there is no emergency to justify such a meeting in Quartzsite. Absent an emergency, a meeting of the Council may be convened only with 24 hours advance public notice, carried out through proper posting of the meeting agenda. Here, the proposed 9 a.m. meeting would violate the Open Meeting Law because there has been no advance posting of any agenda. 

On June 24, 2013 there was no objection from the Council when they were told the meeting had to be rescheduled and held at 1:00 p.m. To that the attorneys responded:

On June 24, Council members Workman, Jewitt, Scott, Orgeron, and Crooks all consented to rescheduling the Town Council meeting for 1 pm on June 25. This complies with the Town Code provisions governing special meetings. The Town properly posted public notices of the agenda for the meeting. 

On June 25, if a quorum (at least 4 members) of the Council comes together at 1 pm, a meeting may be held pursuant to that posted agenda. The Council may also vote to adjourn and conduct no business.



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Update – Quartzsite Town Manager Bruno Hijacks Council Authority

24 Jun

[Corrected 5:20 pm,  4:45 pm]

Correction: 5 pm Mayor Foster indicates that his written letter of instructions to the Town Manager Laura Bruno is being ignored. Foster wrote the letter this afternoon to arrange a 9am meeting. The brick wall that the letter met and the confusion it now creates puts the public completely in the dark about what meeting will take place, and when if at all, tomorrow. It seems that now as a result of the Town Manager’s actions that there can be no legal meeting tomorrow to conduct the Town’s important business.


At the 9:00 to 11:00 am Quartzsite Town Council work session today, Rain Golden-Bear brought something to the attention of the Council.  The public notice for the regular Council Meeting scheduled for tomorrow at 9:00 am did not get posted … in time. The public must be notified by postings of an agenda, made least 24 hours in advance of such a scheduled meeting. This per Open Meeting Law of Arizona, the very subject of today’s session. But because of some excitement in Town Hall recently, no one got around to posting that agenda.

So, Town Manager Laura Bruno and the Town attorneys decided to change the time of the Tuesday Council meeting to 1:00 pm. So today’s public attendees left understanding that tomorrow’s meeting will be held at 1:00 pm, not 9 am.

But wait a minute. Laura – you don’t have the authority to change the time of any Council meeting. Only the Council has that authority. It is, after all, a “Council” meeting. You have apparently usurped the power of the Council, with the help of the Town attorneys.

It gets better. After deciding to change the meeting to 1:00 pm they thought everything was fine, right? Not so fast.

Again, nobody properly posted the 24 hour advance public notice of tomorrow’s new time of 1:00 pm. This occurred on the town website. (Weren’t such postings covered in the work session today regarding Open Meeting Law?)

Mayor Ed Foster will take the bull by the horns and call a special emergency meeting for 9:00 am tomorrow on Tuesday June 25 to correct the mishandling. All are invited. Way to go Mayor Foster.

————————–  Section 2-4-1 Regular Meetings (Ord 89-05)(Ord92-07)(Ord 02-05)(Ord 11-11)

The Council Shall hold regular meetings on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 9:00 A.M., except when the day fixed for any regular meeting of the Common Council falls upon a day designated by law as a legal holiday, such meeting shall be held at the same hour on the next succeeding day not a holiday unless otherwise noticed by the Town. All regular meetings of the Council shall be held at the location specified in the Notice of Meeting

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Town Volunteer Spirit Not Held By All

14 May

Opinion from contributor Hal Davidson:


Mr. Mayor Council and people of Quartzsite I would like to present to you some of the salaries that our State and other States pay their Governors. These are the salaries of the highest elected executives in their respective states. The reason I bring this to your attention today is because, in my opinion and that of others, Quartzsite is paying a salary to our Town Manager that we can neither afford or should be willing to afford.

The salary for the Governor of Colorado is $90,000

The salary for the Governor of Oregon is $93,000

Last but not least, the salary for the Governor of the State of Arizona is $95,000.

That is $1,000 less than the Quartzsite Town Manager is paid.

We can just not afford this high salary in Quartzsite under the current economic constraints we are faced with. That is just one of the reasons there is a recall going on right now. We, the people, feel that under your leadership, we as a community are making the same financial mistakes over and over again. We are not going to allow you to continue on this path.

If you want to sign petition just call 928-581-0039 or 928-916-2888


Quartzsite Town Council 2013 April 9 Audio

09 Apr

Part 1:


Part 2:

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Quartzsite Council & Bruno Lovefest – Video

26 Feb

The Council has failed to mount a search for a qualified Town Manager for the last six months. So, given the absence of competition, the council found Laura Bruno to be the best qualified candidate when compared to the others. Hired for over $96,000.

Thank you to video contributor Southwest Desert News / MPI, LLC (copyright)

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Quartzsite Council Picks Zoning Commission & Laura Bruno As Town Manager

23 Feb

Following an executive session, Council returned to public portion of meeting to act.

Thank you to video contributor Southwest Desert News / MPI, LLC (copyright)

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Quartzsite Police Unsolved Crimes #1

09 Feb

A Photo Speaks 1,000 words:

Discovered February 8 2013 at Quartzsite Town Hall sidewalk connecting to Children’s Library. The evidence indicates that the evildoers acted in broad daylight. Dana Stadler and Michael Roth were recently convicted for a chalking crime such as this. No investigation is known to be underway by QPD.

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