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Attention! Council Meets Tomorrow – Wednesday 9:30am

24 Jul


Tomorrow at 9:30 am the Quartzsite Town Council will meet to essentially consider allowing newly elected Council member Mark Orgeron to be properly recognized. Orgeron brought a legal action against the Town of Quartzsite in U.S. District Court in Phoenix to force the Town to drop their resistance to allowing him to take his Council seat. The Town and Orgeron’s attorney Kory Langhofer of Snell & Wilmer L.L.P. reached a settlement agreement compromise, which the Council will have an opportunity to approve at the meeting.

Kory A. Langhofer



Town Council Meeting Today June 26, 2012

26 Jun

Jose Lizarraga and Barbara Cowell were absent without explanation. Both are accused in a new lawsuit brought by La Paz County Attorney Sam Vederman of criminally usurping their council seats. Until today, neither had stepped aside to allow newly elected officials Foster and Orgeron to assume those seats.

Story and Video by Bill Moore, Southwest Desert News Quartzsite AZ – Thanks Bill!


Cowell Statement Challenged By County Recorder

16 Jun

“We have proof that there were (three) people who were dead who voted” was Barbara Cowell’s statement, speaking as “Vice Mayor” of Quartzsite. That statement seems to have been directly contradicted by Shelly Baker, La Paz County Recorder, in charge of voter records. SEE FULL STORY AND VIDEO

Cowell has made no known public release of the “proof”.


Disruptive Newcomers?

13 Jun

NO SHOWOur own “Vice Mayor” Barbara Cowell has now told KPNX she and other incumbents are “fighting against disruptive newcomers”. Is Cowell referring to the newly elected candidates? Cowell still “occupies” the council seat as “Vice Mayor”, without regard for the peoples’ majority vote for Mark Orgeron to replace her. Cowell is now a defendant in a suit brought by Orgeron in United States District Court to bring about rule of law.


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