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Jones Claim Against Judge Putz-Artrip And Town Of Parker

03 Feb

A letter of claim has been delivered to the Town of Parker and others as described below. This claim is directly related to another described on this blog today. READ FULL LETTER OF CLAIM

This claim … arises out of the negligent actions of [Parker Magistrate Judge] James Putz-Artrip, acting outside of judicial immunity… Judge James Putz-Artrip signed administrative search warrant SW-2013-002 as “Judge Quartzsite Municipal Court”, which had the effect that Jennifer Jones and her husband John Jones were subject [to] a false light invasion of their privacy in a heated confrontation with four armed Quartzsite Police Officers and the Community Development Director.

No arrest or citations… a false and defamatory press release was subsequently issued… by The Town of Quartzsite… had the effect of forcing the Jones’ to relocate…Mr. Jones was then harassed by BLM law enforcement officers Conde and Thompson…. the application was for a non-criminal search warrant …extra due diligence would have been appropriate… no physical evidence such as photographs, video, or even copies of referenced codes or ordinances over the alleged ‘violations’ were submitted in support of … warrant… “

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“Going Quartzsite”

24 Jan

A new phrase has been coined by the largest news organization in Arizona. The Arizona Republic reports on website  “Cave Creek, Don’t Become The New Quartzsite“. The governing Council of Cave Creek, Arizona is experiencing strong resistance to their leadership. A recall is being organized there against 6 newly elected members.

Quoting the article: The syndrome has a name. Cave Creek, it appears, is going “Quartzsite.” In 2011, the tiny western Arizona town of Quartzsite was convulsed in political in-fighting so chaotic that observers were calling on the governor to send in the state police to restore order.



Quartzsite Chief Gilbert Fouls Out At His Firing

22 Oct
Jeff Gilbert

Jeff Gilbert

Jeff Gilbert was terminated (fired) without stated cause by the Quartzsite Town Council today. His last act was to stand at the podium during the call to the public and break a very significant rule. He decided to turn around and face the public and “thank” the town (his foul-out). It is well known that a speaker must face and address only the Council from this podium, not turn to the public.

Ironically, Jeff Gilbert personally participated in the arrest of his nemesis Jennifer Jones about two years ago at the same podium and for the same act – facing the public from the podium. Her elbow was broken by Officer Rick Paterson during that widely criticized arrest. Another irony – the same mayor presided today, as in 2011, but did not object to Gilbert’s obvious infraction.

“I am still the chief” was a familiar statement from this former police chief. This was his second firing by the town in about one year. His firing in 2012 was reversed. The Town of Quartzsite is now burdened with many claims and lawsuits as a result of actions by Gilbert and his cops. The Town is thus clinging to sub-prime liability insurance it sought after its participation in the economical Arizona Municipal Risk Pool was cancelled.

The Jennifer Jones arrest two years ago:

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Six Months Prison For Quartzsite Investor Peter Pocklington

27 Sep

Peter Pocklington, 71, of Palm Desert, California, has promoted gold mining enterprises in the Quartzsite, Arizona area for the last few years. He has now been found in violation of probation a court granted him in 2010. He appeared in Federal court in Riverside California a week ago to be sentenced. His sentence begins December 9. This according to Canadian source

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Gilford vs. Quartzsite

10 Jul

Local resident Douglas Gilford has brought suit against the Town of Quartzsite and 30 individuals, seeking damages and injunctive relief.

Read Amended Complaint Gilford vs Quartzsite

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Quartzsite Radio Show

12 Sep

There is a a two hour (internet) radio show gaining in popularity in Quartzsite. It is hosted by local resident Richard Abbey. Listen to last night’s episode at: QUARTZSITE RADIO SHOW . Glen Gimbut was the featured guest. Mr. Gimbut is the City Attorney for San Luis Arizona.

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Quartzsite Police Chief JEFF GILBERT FIRED

11 Sep

Jeff Gilbert

Jeff Gilbert, embattled Quartzsite Police Chief (suspended with pay) was fired today (no more pay) .  The Town issued a press release at 8:42 am without informing the Town Council. Council went into a public meeting at 9:00 am without knowing of the firing. There was no  announcement made to the public at the meeting.

Gilbert is said to be on vacation out of the state. Most recently a complaint was made against him for displaying his gun in hand to a man who was at Gilbert’s residence with legal papers to serve. Gilbert ordered the man off his property but the man never set foot on Gilbert’s lot.

Many reasons were given for dumping Gilbert in the letter accompanying the press release. Many local residents who suffered serious abuse by the chief and his department expressed that they will not miss him. READ   Press Release – Gilbert Fired


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New Councilman Mark Orgeron Prevails In Federal Court

21 Jul

Story contributed by Quartzsite Outsider

Late Friday afternoon federal Judge Roslyn Silver ruled in favor of Quartzsite Town Councilman-in-waiting Mark Orgeron, in the matter of Orgeron v. Town of Quartzsite.

At issue was the Town’s patently frivolous contention that Mr. Orgeron was not a resident of Quartzsite. Judge Silver was very  gracious toward the Town, giving it every benefit of the doubt, not getting angry or using the word “frivolous.” Nevertheless, it’s clear from what she wrote, (excerpts below), that the Town had no basis to prevent Mr. Orgeron from taking his duly elected seat. One hopes, given her statements, that she will award Mr. Orgeron attorney fees because the Town forced him into this action.

But it’s not quite over. Unfortunately, Judge Silver did not immediately order the Town to seat Mr. Orgeron, but told the parties to confer and offer a joint proposed order. Their deadline is Tuesday the 24th, the day of yet another Town Council meeting without the Town’s duly elected official in office.

(Mr. Orgeron had also sought to use this action to seat Mayor-elect-in-waiting Ed Foster. However, since Mr. Foster was not a party to this lawsuit, Judge Silver could not make a ruling to seat him one way or the other. Mr. Foster is still waiting on the state’s Quo Warranto action.)

Judge Silver’s Order can be downloaded  HERE .

Poignant excerpt below:


The Court admits to some confusion regarding Defendants’ decision to disqualify Plaintiff based on these statutes.   There can be no serious dispute that Plaintiff had an “actual physical presence” in Quartzsite for close to three years prior to the election.

Defendants [Town] presumably had some basis for determining Plaintiff was not a resident of Quartzsite but Defendants chose not to present the Court with that basis.



Town Leadership Angry Over Acquittal

03 Jul
Qtown Distress

Within four hours after his acquittal for unwarranted charges, the officials of the Town of Quartzsite expressed anger against Douglas Gilford. Quartzsite police officer Jim Schultz delivered THIS INJUNCTION to Gilford’s front porch. The Injunction states that Gilford basically cannot go near the “lobby” of Town Hall. That eliminates most services for this citizen. CORRECTION: Further, he must not call the Town of Quartzsite. (Can he call 9-1-1 ? Would he want to?) Gilford said he will burn his library card in protest, after he gets a permit.

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03 Jul

Douglas Gilford was acquitted of all charges today at a trial in Quartzsite Municipal Court. First all the prosecutor’s witnesses were heard. Thereupon, Gilford’s attorney, Scott Campbell of Marc J. Victor PC of Chandler Arizona, motioned for acquittal because he felt the State had not made a sufficient case to continue the trial. Judge Sherwood Johnston III recessed for 20 minutes to consider, then returned and granted the motion, resulting in acquital on all charges. Less than three hours were consumed with the proceedings. God reigns.

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Trial Today (Tuesday) 10 am

02 Jul

You’re invited. Today. Doug Gilford’s trial. Eleven months in the making. Sixteen original misdemeanors, five dropped, eleven remaining. Cast of several. Quartzsite Municipal Court, Tuesday July 3 at 10:00 am. Enter the door to the right of “Men’s” in Town Hall municipal building, 465 N. Plymouth Ave. New judge to hold his first Quartzsite trial.

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County Attorney Vederman Investigates Quartzsite Council Actions

05 Jun


Date: June 4, 2012





On Monday, June  4, 2012, the Town of Quartzsite Common Council held a Special Meeting to approve the  canvass of the May 15, 2012 runoff election and judge the qualifications of Mayor-Elect Ed Foster, Council
Member-Elect Mark Orgeron and Council Member-Elect Patricia Workman. 

The Common Council judged Ed Foster and Mark Orgeron to be unqualified to hold office and judged Patricia Workman qualified to hold office.   This office is currently reviewing the action taken by the Common Council at the Special Meeting. I ask that all citizens remain calm and engage in respectful discourse while the review  process occurs. 

The results of the May 15, 2012 runoff election are as follows:

Mayor  – Ed Foster received 401 votes (56.32%) and Jerry Lukkasson received 305 votes (42.84%).   

Council Member – Mark Orgeron received 398 votes (29.03%), Patricia Workman received 387 votes (28.23%), Barbara Cowell received 305 votes (22.25%) and Joe Winslow received 264 votes (19.26%).


Controlled Anger At Council Meeting

04 Jun

Every available police officer appeared to be at this morning’s meeting.

The old Council met today at 9 am. The voters’ choices are still not being honored by the sitting Council.

1. They certified the results of the May 15 general election.

2. They decided that the newly elected Mayor, Ed Foster, was not  qualified.

3. They decided that the newly elected Council member, Mark Orgeron, was also not qualified.

4. They decided that the newly elected Council member, Pat Workman, was qualified.

Joe Winslow stepped down from his position as Council member.

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The Voters Have Made Their Choices

17 May

Some say that one of the new council members-elect will be challenged for eligibility to accept office. The issue raised is whether the candidate qualifies, based on the one year residency requirement. If a challenge is filed, voters can thank our Town Attorney Martin Brannan. In his Response to Motion to Expedite, in the action brought against the Town and Mike Jewitt by Candidate John Prutch, Brannan has already adjudicated the issue:

“Challenges concerning alleged procedural violations of the election  process must be brought prior to the actual election. Sherman v. City of Tempe, 202Ariz. 339, 342, ¶ 9, 45 P.3d 336, 339 (2002); citing Tilson v. Mofford, 153 Ariz. 468, 470, 737 P.2d 1367, 1369 (1987) (holding that “[p]rocedures leading up to an election cannot be questioned after the people have voted, but … must be challenged before the election is held”)(citing Kerby v. Griffin, 48Ariz. 434, 444-46, 62 P.2d 1131, 1135-36 (1936)).”


Wednesday’s Town Hall Style Meeting

19 Apr

Town Hall Style Meeting, April 18, 2012



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