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Gilbert Confident In Brannan

23 Dec

” I have known Mr. Brannan professionally my many years now, and I’m confident he will exceed our expectations.”

… said current Police Chief Jeff Gilbert, April 2011, on the hiring of Martin Brannan as Quartzsite attorney. I had given statements of strongly stated opposition to Brannan’s hiring, based on his record. My statements were delivered to each council member in advance of their considering Brannan. Gilbert’s statement was made while he had substantial knowledge of Brannan’s history as an attorney. Douglas Gilford.




Broken Contract

12 Dec

Quartzsite Senior Center, Inc. made a written contract with Quartzsite Police Officers Association (Q.P.O.A.). The officers’ union was allowed a reservation to host a Spaghetti Dinner on Saturday December 10 at 5:30 pm. Rita Wilson accepted $200. Q.P.O.A. promoted and advertised the dinner. At about 3 pm, the Senior Center management cancelled the event – just 1 hour prior to kitchen preparation. Signs were placed in the right of way on boards “Dinner Cancelled”, in spite of the fact that the dinner had been hastily moved to a location next door.

View The Contract

Reservation payment


Video from Channel 13 Yuma

24 Aug

Here is an interesting compilation of video from Channel 13 KSWT Yuma: Videos about Quartzsite

Ruth Castillo covers our town for the station.

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Quartzsite Rally August 27

03 Aug

According to an email broadcast:

Stewart Rhodes, founder Oathkeepers

Oathkeepers Arizona and Montana Chapters  are sponsoring a rally in Quartzsite, Arizona on August 27,2011


Press Release From Vederman

01 Aug

La Paz County Attorney Sam Vederman is reported to have issued a press release regarding Quartzsite. It is reported here: Parker Live Online

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Do As I Say, Not As I Do

22 Jul

The Quartzsite Town Council has, in the past, censured the mayor for allegedly putting forth statements that announced policy of the the Town of Quartzsite without the prior approval of the Council. Such statements are considered improper. On July 19, Council member Joe Winslow gave testimony under oath in front of a judge. Winslow as an individual vs. Mike Roth for an injunction against Mike Roth :

Judge:   now if the town wants to get its own injunction against him then …

Winslow:   That’s coming


Current Chief Of Police Gilbert Declines

22 Jul

SEE VIDEO: Jeff Gilbert, current chief of police in Quartzsite Arizona, declined to give information on video to reporters for Channel 15 of Phoenix.

Sergeant Will Ponce gave a full interview.


Megyn Kelly Fox News Show To Talk Quartzsite Today

14 Jul

Today I received a communication from Debbie at Fox News who is a producer at “America Live With Megyn Kelly”.  They have interest in doing a story TODAY on Quartzsite. Please tell your friends. Fox was granted permission to run the video of Jennifer Jones’ arrest.

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Video – Special Meeting Last Thursday

29 Apr

Video – Special Meeting Last Thursday

Video 1     Discussion – Martin Brannan interviewed for prosecutor position
Video 2 Discussion – Martin Brannan
Video 3 Passed – Martin Brannan hired as interim prosecutorDiscussion – Medical Marijuana Dispensary application fee
Video 4 Discussion – Medical Marijuana Dispensary application fee
Video 5 Passed – Medical Marijuana Dispensary application fee $2,500 non-refundableDiscussion – Call to the Public
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Brannan Has Long Record With AZ Bar

28 Apr

(See yesterday’s story)

I placed a call to the Arizona State Bar Association to inquire about Martin Brannan’s record as an attorney. The Bar returned my call right during the meeting where Brannan was being installed as Quartzsite’s prosecutor. The report given: Martin Brannan of Lake Havasu City has a record of 8 public records (charges) brought against him since his Arizona Bar admission in 1996. Of the 8 charges, 7 have been dismissed, and one is in formal proceedings. Mr. Brannan did not disclose the (6) other charges at the council meeting. Nobody on the council thought to ask him about his record. The public was forbidden to speak on the decision. Brannan added that he admitted his performance as La Paz County Attorney a few years ago was not up to his own standards, and promised to do a good job for Quartzsite. By the way, Brannan was hired today by a majority vote of council.

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Admitted Murderer Freed – Quartzsite Next

27 Apr

The prosecuting attorney most preferred by first degree murderers is coming to Quartzsite. Tomorrow (Thursday) Martin Brannan may be put in place as Quartzsite’s prosecutor. A special Quartzsite Town Council meeting was called for this hiring.

No public discussion will be allowed, but you can watch. Brannan has made recent news headlines:

1. Botched the murder investigation   2. State Bar Association targets attorney   3. Brannan could not be reached for comment

Attend Meeting: Thursday 1:30pm at Quartzsite Town Hall, April 28 2011.

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Watch Yesterday’s Special Council Meeting

23 Apr
Video Part 1 Passed – Seek Appraisal for Water Allocation

Passed – Add services to Wastewater Plant contract

Video Part 2 Discussion – Medical Marijuana Facilities
Video Part 3 Discussion – Medical Marijuana Facilities
Video Part 4 Discussion – Medical Marijuana Facilities
Video Part 5 Discussion – Mobile Home Subdivisions zoning

Passed – release Matt Newman from prosecutorial duties

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Quartzsite Crop Circles

15 Apr

See for yourself:

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Did You Miss the Quartzsite Council Meeting?

14 Apr

Watch it here. Tuesday April 12, 7-9pm. Two hour meeting.

Video 1 Medical Marijuana Dispensary – discussion of new zoning needed for medical marijuana dispensary coming to Quartzsite. Speakers from Higher Health and Wellness LLC traveled to meeting to share industry experience with town leadership. 

Video 2 Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Video 3 Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Video 4 Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Video 5 New Van Grant

Video 6 Ordinance 11-03, Economic Plan, RV Health Permits – La Paz County will be asked to send a representative to Quartzsite to explain to the public what their aim is in demanding health department permits from residential property owners who use RV hookups.

Video 7 Employee payroll reports – Council bashed mayor for wanting to see records showing who each payroll check is written to, before approving. Town attorney replied to motion sponsor Lukkasson that the mayor’s action is legal. Signed minutes Dec 21 meeting

Video 8 Public Comments – Public comments included another reminder that Town often does not comply with Arizona Open Meeting Laws.

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Video – Ethics Committee Met Wednesday

06 Apr

 Video 1 of 7   Video 2   Video 3   Video 4   Video 5   Video 6   Video 7

Again, a committee has been formed to consider censure of the Mayor of Quartzsite, as a result of complaints brought by the Town Manager to the Vice Mayor. The Mayor was not present for this meeting. The result of the meeting was to refer the findings to Town Council. 

No hearing was scheduled for the Mayor to respond. Nobody, including the town’s attorney Pamela Walsma, displayed interest in providing a due process hearing for the accused. Councilman Lizzaraga: “waste of time to hear from the Mayor”.

Notably, in spite of the town’s well published advice regarding behavior at meetings, many potentially slanderous remarks were made. The Vice Mayor chaired the meeting, but did not discourage such personal remarks by the public or the council members. These (less than objective) comments were heard: Town Manager Alex Taft remarked about one of the enumerated complaints that it was “emotional” rather than “factual”. Mike Jewitt: “…riding him out of town on a rail … tar and feathers”. Councilman Joe Winslow, regarding the Mayor: “… I don’t know why we’re even discussing his ethics. He has none.” Councilman Bob Kelly: “get someone with some brains”.

Mayor Ed Foster reports that he was not given notice of yesterday’s meeting, but learned of it by reading this website.

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