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“Going Quartzsite”

24 Jan

A new phrase has been coined by the largest news organization in Arizona. The Arizona Republic reports on website  “Cave Creek, Don’t Become The New Quartzsite“. The governing Council of Cave Creek, Arizona is experiencing strong resistance to their leadership. A recall is being organized there against 6 newly elected members.

Quoting the article: The syndrome has a name. Cave Creek, it appears, is going “Quartzsite.” In 2011, the tiny western Arizona town of Quartzsite was convulsed in political in-fighting so chaotic that observers were calling on the governor to send in the state police to restore order.



Quartzsite Judge King Reprimanded And Sent To School For New Judges

05 Dec

Judge Lawrence King

Judge Lawrence “Larry” King has received a public reprimand and been ordered to attend school for new judges. This is a result of a complaint brought by an Arizona resident who wishes not to be identified.  Her/his complaint spelled out multiple offenses by King in his own court, the details verified by audio and written records and witnesses.

Judge King is right now seeking a contract renewal with the Town. Mayor Foster suggested and the Council agreed to postpone any new contract in order to see this ruling of the State of Arizona Commission on Judicial Conduct. The Commission chose only to reprimand Judge King for his actions in Florian v Jones where he shouted and improperly directed defendant Jennifer Jones.

===== Text from the Commission: =====

The complainant alleged that a pro tem municipal court judge was biased, engaged in improper ex parte communications, improperly failed to disqualify himself, exhibited an improper demeanor, engaged in a pattern of legal error, and treated pro se litigants unfairly.
After reviewing the allegations, the relevant recordings and legal documents, and the judge’s response, the Commission finds that Judge King violated the Code of Judicial Conduct as to one allegation, warranting an informal sanction. Specifically, during a hearing in the injunction against harassment case of Florian v. Jones, Judge King displayed an improper demeanor in violation of Rule 2.8(B) of the Code. While the Commission did not find that Judge King violated the Code with regard to the remaining allegations, the members did determine that his evidentiary rulings in Florian v. Jones suggest that he lacks a complete understanding of the Arizona Rules of Evidence. The Commission therefore directs Judge King to attend the portion of Limited New Judge Orientation in 2013 that deals with the Arizona Rules of Evidence.
Accordingly, Judge Lawrence King is hereby reprimanded for his conduct as described above and pursuant to Commission Rule 17(a). The record in this case, consisting of the complaint, the judge’s response, and this order, shall be made public as required by Rule 9(a). The Commission also directs the judge to attend the educational course described above, pursuant to Commission Rule 17(b).
The Commission dismissed the remaining allegations against the judge pursuant to Rule 16(b), with a private warning letter limited to the issues of evidentiary rulings and ex parte  communications.
Dated: December 4, 2012.

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Quartzsite Radio Show

12 Sep

There is a a two hour (internet) radio show gaining in popularity in Quartzsite. It is hosted by local resident Richard Abbey. Listen to last night’s episode at: QUARTZSITE RADIO SHOW . Glen Gimbut was the featured guest. Mr. Gimbut is the City Attorney for San Luis Arizona.

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Who Is Laura Bruno?

11 Sep

Here’s how the most powerful job in Quartzsite may be awarded tomorrow by the town council.

“Good afternoon council members. Here’s Laura Bruno. Read this. Now vote. Make it unanimous.”

I called just before 5 pm today and spoke to Pat Workman, Carol Kelley, Pat Anderson, and Mike Jewitt – all council members – your representatives. None had any knowledge of the person being sponsored by new councilman Mark Orgeron tomorrow at the 2pm continued council meeting. I called Mark as well, but no return call.

Collectively, these council members expressed that they have not seen the Agenda , and/or don’t yet even know exactly what is on the agenda to vote on tomorrow. One new addition is an Ordinance.

It is likely that this one single nominee has been known for a number of days. No information about Ms. Bruno has been shared with other council members or the public by sponsor Mark Orgeron.

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Quartzsite Police Chief JEFF GILBERT FIRED

11 Sep

Jeff Gilbert

Jeff Gilbert, embattled Quartzsite Police Chief (suspended with pay) was fired today (no more pay) .  The Town issued a press release at 8:42 am without informing the Town Council. Council went into a public meeting at 9:00 am without knowing of the firing. There was no  announcement made to the public at the meeting.

Gilbert is said to be on vacation out of the state. Most recently a complaint was made against him for displaying his gun in hand to a man who was at Gilbert’s residence with legal papers to serve. Gilbert ordered the man off his property but the man never set foot on Gilbert’s lot.

Many reasons were given for dumping Gilbert in the letter accompanying the press release. Many local residents who suffered serious abuse by the chief and his department expressed that they will not miss him. READ   Press Release – Gilbert Fired


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Attention! Council Meets Tomorrow – Wednesday 9:30am

24 Jul


Tomorrow at 9:30 am the Quartzsite Town Council will meet to essentially consider allowing newly elected Council member Mark Orgeron to be properly recognized. Orgeron brought a legal action against the Town of Quartzsite in U.S. District Court in Phoenix to force the Town to drop their resistance to allowing him to take his Council seat. The Town and Orgeron’s attorney Kory Langhofer of Snell & Wilmer L.L.P. reached a settlement agreement compromise, which the Council will have an opportunity to approve at the meeting.

Kory A. Langhofer



July 24 Town Council Meeting

24 Jul

New revelations.

Copyright Southwest Desert News / MPI, LLC


New Councilman Mark Orgeron Prevails In Federal Court

21 Jul

Story contributed by Quartzsite Outsider

Late Friday afternoon federal Judge Roslyn Silver ruled in favor of Quartzsite Town Councilman-in-waiting Mark Orgeron, in the matter of Orgeron v. Town of Quartzsite.

At issue was the Town’s patently frivolous contention that Mr. Orgeron was not a resident of Quartzsite. Judge Silver was very  gracious toward the Town, giving it every benefit of the doubt, not getting angry or using the word “frivolous.” Nevertheless, it’s clear from what she wrote, (excerpts below), that the Town had no basis to prevent Mr. Orgeron from taking his duly elected seat. One hopes, given her statements, that she will award Mr. Orgeron attorney fees because the Town forced him into this action.

But it’s not quite over. Unfortunately, Judge Silver did not immediately order the Town to seat Mr. Orgeron, but told the parties to confer and offer a joint proposed order. Their deadline is Tuesday the 24th, the day of yet another Town Council meeting without the Town’s duly elected official in office.

(Mr. Orgeron had also sought to use this action to seat Mayor-elect-in-waiting Ed Foster. However, since Mr. Foster was not a party to this lawsuit, Judge Silver could not make a ruling to seat him one way or the other. Mr. Foster is still waiting on the state’s Quo Warranto action.)

Judge Silver’s Order can be downloaded  HERE .

Poignant excerpt below:


The Court admits to some confusion regarding Defendants’ decision to disqualify Plaintiff based on these statutes.   There can be no serious dispute that Plaintiff had an “actual physical presence” in Quartzsite for close to three years prior to the election.

Defendants [Town] presumably had some basis for determining Plaintiff was not a resident of Quartzsite but Defendants chose not to present the Court with that basis.



Machine Guns, Ropes, Video Recorders

17 Jul

Honorable Councilwoman Pat Workman was today publicly insulted by this letter from the Town of Quartzsite. The so-called “CONFIDENTIAL” letter was seen laid face up on the receptionist’s desk for all passersby to see, even the public.

EDITORIAL. You guys in Town Hall slay me. Your bad jokes are killing me. This one bombed. Fasten your seatbelts for a crash!

Councilman Joe Winslow threatens to machine gun 5 people in the front row of public seating, and you don’t react. Now, you claim that newly elected Councilwoman Pat Workman is too dangerous a person to be near Town staff in the employee areas. It’s a good thing that she wasn’t trying to video record anybody, or she might have been immediately arrested! it’s a good thing she didn’t try to speak publicly at the podium, or she might have had her arm broken! LOL.


Let’s Replay Their Own Words

17 Jul

March 27 2012, at the Council Meeting, at 17 minutes into the meeting:

Speaking about Resolution 12-07 Town Attorney Martin Brannan states “This doesn’t authorize an expenditure of any town funds. We are requesting other government agencies to do investigations, if they say no, they say no. It wouldn’t authorize the town to take any independent action or to hire an investigative firm or spend any money ” And then council passed the resolution.

Then on to the July 10 meeting new Councilwoman Pat Workman questioned a check [town funds] written to a private investigative firm [Humphries Investigative Services].

Town Manager Alexandra Taft answered her question this way. “That resolution [resolution 12-7] stated that I was to proceed with the investigation, it was quite clear”. Councilperson Workman responded “So it was authorized by you then”. Taft: “No,  it was authorized by the council”.

Contrary to Resolution 12-07, at this time at least $30,000 of Town funds have been paid or committed to private investigative firms for the purpose of investigating the Town’s own residents!

Story and Video by Bill Moore, Southwest Desert News, Quartzsite AZ – Thanks Bill!


Town Manager Accused Of Embezzling

16 Jul

Alexandra Taft

On Thursday, July 12, newly sworn-in Quartzsite Councilwoman Patricia Workman filed a complaint with the Arizona Attorney General, alleging that Quartzsite Town Manager, Alexandra Taft, has embezzled public monies and engaged in felony Tampering with a Public Record. (See letter to Chief Special Agent Andrew Rubalcava, Special Investigations Section of the Criminal Division.

The incumbents are probably surprised at Councilwoman Workman’s boldness. She has proven herself to be quite a “sleeper.”  She was the only one of three newly elected officials the incumbents seated after the May election. Perhaps they thought she couldn’t stand up to them by herself. But stand up she has. In last week’s council meeting, she tabled the issuance of yet another questionable large check that the Town Manager, Alexandra Taft, single-handedly may have issued to a private investigation agency. (Although speculation among locals is that the incumbents know all about the checks from yet another secret, closed (illegal) meeting. And Councilwoman Workman has reason to believe that the check has been sent, despite awaiting council action. They tabled the check’s approval.)

The private investigation agency is likely investigating voters who voted against the incumbents. A typical letter is posted here:

Councilwoman Workman has not just been standing up for the voters, now she’s moving forward, formally filing complaint for felony embezzlement by Town Manager Taft for issuing these checks to the Investigator without Town Council approval. Checks totaling more than $30,000, well over Taft’s discretionary spending limit of $5,000. There is no record in the Council minutes that Workman can find which properly authorizes these checks.

Councilwoman Workman also alleges that Taft committed felony record tampering when Taft refused to let Councilwoman Workman see the contract for the Investigator. According to Workman, Taft told the Councilwoman that she (Workman) had to file a Public Record Request to see the record! Never mind that Councilwoman Workman is a public servant. As such, Taft’s refusal to allow the Councilwoman to inspect the public record violates A.R.S. 13-2407(A)(5). A Class 6 felony.

And the Town Assistant Manager Al Johnsoneven refuses to let Councilwoman Workman into the
staff area to get her mail!

But that’s the typical lawlessness the voters voted to stop in Quartzsite. Councilwoman Workman ran on a platform with (now) Mayor-elect-in-waiting Ed Foster and Councilman-in-waiting Mark Orgeron. Despite an almost 50% voter turnout where Orgeron and Foster won a majority of votes, the incumbents refuse to seat them. (Even though the former Mayor finally resigned.) Orgeron is fighting for his seat in federal court and Foster is waiting for his seat via the State’s Quo Warranto action. (And yet another  thwarted Councilman is fighting against an incumbent in the Arizona Court of Appeals!)

Councilwoman Workman can be reached at Mayor-elect-in-waiting Ed Foster can be reached at 928-750-8113. Agent Rubalcava can be reached at 602-542-3881.

Story contributed by Quartzsite Outsider


Town Council Hesitates On Check

10 Jul

At this morning’s town council meeting, Pat Workman challenged a check for about $11,000, set to be approved, on the council’s consent agenda. The final result was that the Council agreed to table the approval of that particular check. It will be addressed again at the next meeting.

At issue is the purpose and appropriateness of the expenditure, as well as Council member Workman’s free access to information for agenda items. Workman stated that her reasonable requests had been denied by staff. She needed to access basic information so she can vote properly but was told to fill out forms and wait. The check was to be issued to a private investigator to investigate local voters.

The consent agenda is often approved without discussion by the old guard council members. Newly elected members like Pat Workman, Mark Orgeron and Mayor-elect-in-waiting Ed Foster are expected to scrutinize Town expenditures more closely.

It became clear that the council would vote on whether to table the approval of this large check. Town Manager Taft stated “I don’t know if it’s alright, where it is in the system but I’ll make a note of it”, seemingly implying the decision might be hers.

The consent agenda is typically a group of checks to be approved together to save time at meetings. Each council member is given a “package” to review the checks and issuses early, so as to make an informed vote. At the meeting, any item on the consent agenda can be questioned and discussed.

Story and Video by Bill Moore, Southwest Desert News Quartzsite AZ – Thanks Bill!


Orgeron vs. Town Of Quartzsite Moves Ahead In Federal Court

05 Jul

Today Judge Roslyn Silver issued an order. Click on image to view.

Set your calendar for Thursday, July 12, 1:30 pm at the U.S. District Court in Phoenix for an Evidentiary hearing in the matter of Orgeron v. Town of Quartzsite.

This is the unusual federal lawsuit, possibly one of first impression, where Mr. Orgeron won a recent election for Quartzsite Town Council, but the incumbents refuse to seat him and the new Mayor! (Even though the incumbent Mayor finally resigned last week.)

The incumbents are (illegally?) spending a lot of the voter’s money to stay in power, claiming Mr. Orgeron is not qualified for the seat because, they say, he hadn’t been a resident for a year. Mr. Orgeron is seeking a Restraining Order from the federal court, ordering the incumbents out and he and Mayor-elect-in-waiting Ed Foster in.

It should be an interesting hearing Thursday because the Quartzsite Town attorney, in an earlier legal filing for a similar state action (now in the Arizona court of appeals), has argued that the time to challenge the qualifications of a candidate is BEFORE an election. Not after. (As the Town is doing here.)

Room 604. Case number is 12-CV-01238-PHX-ROS on PACER.GOV. (Most of the filings can already be downloaded for free via the Recap extension for Firefox or from the Recap archive.)


Town Leadership Angry Over Acquittal

03 Jul
Qtown Distress

Within four hours after his acquittal for unwarranted charges, the officials of the Town of Quartzsite expressed anger against Douglas Gilford. Quartzsite police officer Jim Schultz delivered THIS INJUNCTION to Gilford’s front porch. The Injunction states that Gilford basically cannot go near the “lobby” of Town Hall. That eliminates most services for this citizen. CORRECTION: Further, he must not call the Town of Quartzsite. (Can he call 9-1-1 ? Would he want to?) Gilford said he will burn his library card in protest, after he gets a permit.

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Winslow Accused Of Threat

03 Jul

Michael Roth accused Joe Winslow (former Quartzsite Town Council member) of threatening him in the parking lot of Quartzsite Town Hall this morning. Witnesses confirmed Roth’s account to Officer R. Paterson.

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