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  1. nicholas5465

    July 12, 2011 at 4:50 pm

    I am a former producer for Rush Limbaugh and orked for the Chairman of Fox News Channel. I read the news today and watched the videos on you tube with utter disgust. The police chief and the idiots on the council obviously have never read the constitution. In fat, I’m not sure they would understand it. This so-called “police chief” reminds me in his ideas of Bashir Al Assad and Hosni Mubarek. We don’t like what is being said so we will supress speech. If any of these council members are in fear, which I believe is a Red Herring, they should be given police protection. Taking away the citizens’ right to free speech is never, ever, allowable.
    I look forward to the day of reckoning for Mr. Gilbert. Rise up people, stop being lemmings. Open your eyes. These jack-booted thugs are YOUR servants — not the other way around. I am passing this message onto Rush in hopes he reports. When that happens, Mr. Gilbert (Barney Fife with an attitude) will be forced to leave town and justice will prevail.
    Mr. Jones, I do not know what your politics are nor do I care. I respect everyone’s rights to the protections afforded us by our founding father. They must be rolling over in their graves.


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